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Hello devs! I'd like to propose some
modern improvement for photoshop and even for other Adobe
applications. It's about hotkeys setup. Take a look at such apps like
3d coat or Zbrush. Within these apps if you want to set hotkeys up you
no need to launch menu and spend much time browsing for command you
need. You just hover mouse over a button or command you using, and
press special key ( "end" key in 3d coat) and then assign your hotkey.
It's extremely handy, I beg you to implement such feature in photoshop
Thanx And  Mary Xmass!




Ever since I updated to the latest version
I have encountered this hugely annoying issue. Basically when using my
wacom Intuos tablet to paint etc, everything is fine. However, when I
use it to make curves adjustments, or using it to liquify things....
when I press down and make the adjustment, as soon as I release the
pen, it defaults the changes back to where they were!?! It's like as
soon as I let go, it suddenly removes any changes I made!! Please tell
me I'm not the only one, or does anyone have any idea as it was
working great before I installed a fresh version of the latest CC! I'm
using Windows 10.




Photoshop and Illustrator are
flashing white/grey. Impossible to use after last

Windows 10 64 + Nvidia GTX 970.


Tested with Nvidia 359.06 - 358.50 -
353.62 and without NVidia driver (only with win 10 native


href="https://forums.adobe.com/servlet/JiveServlet/showImage/2-8343911-864089/Screen+Shot+2015-12-30+at+11.26.24+PM.png"> alt="Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 11.26.24 PM.png" class="jive-image
image-1" height="428"
style="height: 295px; width: 620px;" width="900"/>Please



I am relatively new to
the creative suite and am wondering how I can use photoshop to place
text behind only certain parts of a photo I have placed.

style="min-height: 8pt; padding: 0px;"> 

The image I'm
working with is of a waterfall (from adobe stock), and I would like to
place text behind some of the splashes within the image--how can I do
this? For example, how would I place words behind the splashes above
the edge of the waterfall in the upper lefthand corner? 

Thanks! href="https://forums.adobe.com/servlet/JiveServlet/showImage/2-8343401-863996/filtered+kayaker.jpg"> alt="filtered kayaker.jpg" class="jive-image image-1" height="900"
style=" width:600px;" width="600"/>


Hello Dear Adobers,

I am new to
Adobe Photoshop and just started learning Adobe Photoshop and designed
my first logo. href="http://www.articlemob.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/Article_MOB_Logo.png"
and used it on href="http://www.articlemob.com/" rel="nofollow">ArticleMob But as
Adobe recently launched CC 2015 version and take Photoshop to a whole
new level. I still think, I need to learn a lot more about Photoshop

My question: Is there any useful source of Photoshop
tutorials where I can learn this software easily. I know Youtube is a
place where I can get many tutorials. But there is not sufficient
amount of video tutorials about CC 2015.

So please let me know,
how can I get access to a complete video guide regarding Adobe
Photoshop CC 2015.




I was thinking about the type on a
waterfall question in data-containerId="4694" data-containerType="14"
data-objectId="2053834" data-objectType="1"
href="https://forums.adobe.com/thread/2053834">THIS THREAD
and wondering about placing type on a path, but rotating the
individual characters to keep them vertical.


Sort of like the numbers on a clock

class="jive-image irc_mi" height="245"
src="http://www.printfree.com/Kids/ClockFace.gif" style="margin-top:
49px; width: 210px; height: 244.682px;" width="210"/>

Or the
wavy text on this certificate.

href="http://i.stack.imgur.com/FsrsW.jpg">enter image<br />
description here src="http://i.stack.imgur.com/FsrsW.jpg" style="width: 422px; height:
285.669px;" width="422"/>

We can control the angle of
brushes on a path, but I can't think how to do it easily with
Photoshop.  I'm guessing that Illustrator could do it.

style="min-height: 8pt; padding: 0px;"> 

Any ideas? 
If I absolutely had to do it, I'd have to resort to putting each
letter on its own layer, spacing the layers with Distribute Bottom
edges, and manually moving each layer horizontally to sit on the
curve.  There surely has to be a better way?



I installed CS6 Mater
collection, whan I tried to enter to photoshop i got this window
"photoshop has encountered a problem with the display driver and
temporarly disabled enhancement which use the graphics

whan i enter toperformance window, the "graphic
processor settings is grayed out - "photoshop detected a problem in
your display driver..."


I have laptop with AMD Radeon R7 M260


Toshiba satelite l50-b laptop


I'm using Windows. I have updated to
CC 2015, and I don't see all the panels in Design Space. I don't see
libraries, and more. I have only Layers, Align and Style aria-label="Sad" class="emoticon-inline emoticon_sad"
style="height:16px;width:16px;"> HELP!!!!


Drucken mit HP Designjet Z3200 in
Photoshop CC mit benutzerdefinierten Formaten nicht möglich.
Stellt immer auf Letter um. In anderen Anwendungen kann problemlos
gedruckt werden.Haben das Problem mit dem HP Support per Fernwartung
angeschaut und die haben auch nicht herausgefunden woran es

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