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If you've ever played Spacewar!, you know it was a fun game. If you
haven't, know this: it was (and is) one of the very first and most
important computer games. And it's still fun! The clone I grew up ...
This is my first time making pcb layout. I am also quite unfamiliar
with datasheets. I am using DS90LV019 (the figure is attached below).
What is the actual length of this IC. Does ...
As a part of winter bash, Stack Exchange is celebrating the end of the
year with hats! I love my SO display picture with these cool hats! Is
there anyway I can save them and then share them?

I ...
Towards the end of the new Star Wars film The Force Awakens, we see

This event caused a lot of grief among fans who were devastated to see
this character go, and the filmmakers surely anticipated ...
Suppose on a Windows OS, you toggle the computer to go into sleep mode
and put it away. As far as I know there will no programs or processes
will be running.

But would the processor still be running ...
I am stuck in a situation. I have a file script.txt with contents

$cat script.txt

FILE ...
For[k = 1, k < 4, k++,
T = Table[i^2, {i, 0, k^2}];
f[k] = T;

In the above, I wish to define a function $f$ by $f(k)={0^2,...,k^2}$
for $k=1,2,3$, but the above doesn't work.

What is ...
When someone can speak a language very well, they are fluent. Is there
a word to describe a situation where you can understand the language
when spoken to you perfectly, but just can't speak it as ...

As ToonAlfrink says: "Me thinks there aren't enough easy questions on
here that beginners can attempt!". So the task is very simple. Given a
string, output a truthy or falsy value ...
x+1 & xleq0 \
3^{-x} & x>0

Is the function differentiable at $x=0$?

I should look at the limits $$lim_{h o 0-} ...

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