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Anyone know where I could get free audio lectures?
have a ton of dead time between classes that I'd like to kill
beneficially, and I have a flash MP3 player that's basically doing
nothing. I figure I outta put it use....
The only requirements
is that they be free and security-related. I've done quite a bit of
searching myself, but yeilded only one lecture worth listening to (by
Schneier, no less).
Any recommendations would be appreciated

Although my music collection consists of mainly MP3's at
the moment, my switch to GPL software has made me think about
switching to Ogg Vorbis for future rips. I found this page on
Microsoft's' website that made me understand that the difference
between audio formats is outstanding:
MP3 vs. WMA comparison />I see the improvement that WMA makes over MP3, but I'm not naive.
Both the samples are string-based, and furthermore they were produced
by Microsoft itself, in most likelihood.
So before I start
ripping Cd's in both formats (Ogg and MP3) and start doing my own
ear-tests, I'd like to know if there is

i recently downloaded fruityloops studio producer edition
v4.0.1, but i have a big problem with the audio files it comes with:
they just don't sound, it is not a fruity loops problem because when i
try to open them in other programs i get similar results, in cooledit
pro i get scratch and in winmedia a codec error, so i assume i don't
have the proper decompresors installed, what can i do?, is there some
downloadable package with all the popular formats?... thanks for your

hello, im new to the forum but have been viewing it for the
last year. i wanted to know if anyone wanted to some audio books that
i have made. i have read about 60 books on various topics in this
feild from server side scripting to html and all the way to apache. i
also take requests into consideration when recording a new book. i do
this cause i love reading books this way and i thought since this
forum helped me out so much i would offer my private library to

You may have seen it on Digg.
Originally Posted by

Net neutrality
advocates celebrated last week after AT&T Inc. said it would
pledge to maintain a "neutral network" in exchange for U.S.
government approval of its proposed acquisition of BellSouth
Does anyone actually buy this garbage? />"Let us basically rebuild the company that the federal
government ripped apart years ago for being a monopoly, and in return

http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/artic...BUG9VJHB9C1.DTL />A stronger case than ever for expanded consumer awareness of
encryption, proxies, and data wiping software. I've never dealt
specifically with AT&T, but I can safely say that given the sheer
incompetence and spite I've encoutered with Verizon and Cingular, I
wouldn't want THEM doing anything like this.

i have 15 gigs of lists. verified, non-verified. both gi,
and major domains.
******** via

Attention people:
This is what happens when you give
away things that don

My advise to all of you is not to buy computers from
Gateway and I'm only speaking from my personal experience.
recently bought a desktop from Gateway 700XL. The machine has not
been functioning right from the minute it arrived. I have been having
so much problem with it. The service center technicians did not do a
good job at fixing it either. I have been back and forth to this
store several times and my PC is still having problems. I've spent a
lot of money of this computer and spend more time getting it fix then
using on it.
Just a friendly warning to all of you. DON'T

Can you please set it so that we can attach tar/gzip files

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