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I love having secret hats, and the challenge of trying to figure out
what they are before anybody else is quite enjoyable. However, once
somebody has figured out what the conditions are for a secret ...
I must be a terrible googling searcher but I cannot find a reference
to the following inequality:

$$ forall_{phiin(0;frac pi 4)} ln(cot(phi))), <, cot(2!cdot!phi) $$

I have just ...
Of all places, why Dagobah? What makes Dagobah so safe or comfortable
for him?
I will be in Paris soon and I consider an 'unlimited' day pass for
public transport. But I would like to know a bit more about the bus

When having a day pass for public transport in a city it ...
I'm required to change the title of each attachment on an upload to
the name of the expense item. I have written a bulkified code

trigger ExpenseProof on Attachment (before insert) {

In the code below, when I use XeLaTeX, the caption isn't printed in
the output. How can I solve the problem?

String theory substitutes basic particles with infinitesimal strings
in order to reconcile the seemingly incompatible theories of gravity
and of quantum world. But those new elements - the so called ...
I was reading following text from a blog post and I experienced
difficulty understanding the phrase - "Pat came the reply". I've
searched enough (limited to internet search engine) but I didn't find
Here is a interesting picture with two arrangements of four shapes.

How can they make a different area with the same shapes?
The goal of this challenge is to compute one kind of numerology digit
from strings containing characters and numbers.

The input may be through any convenient method (standard input,
arguments, ...

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