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What are some examples of mathematical facts that had once been open
problems for a significant amount of time and thought hard or
unsolvable by contemporary methods, but were then unexpectedly solved
Does "be late for the green light" look natural? (I'm talking about a
traffic light.)

I ask because though it looks good to me, Google doesn't find many
search results (just 5, to be accurate) if I ...
I am reviewing a paper for possible publication in a respected
journal. The English in the paper is very poor. The authors are
clearly not native English speakers. I want to write something to the
Santa is Satan, after all the clue is right there in the name.

But why?

What reason would the font of all evil and the generally unpleasant
one have to pretend to be a jolly fat man and give away ...
Let us suppose that there is a command such as:

cat /boot/config-3.19.0-32-generic | grep CONFIG_ARCH_DEFCONFIG

The output is as such:


In the US, text painted on roads reads bottom to top:


In the UK, it reads like normal text:


Obligatory XKCD:

The task here is to come up with the longest text (measured ...
Near the end of The Force Awakens, there is a major scene with Kylo
Ren where he confronts

Kylo shows a suspicious turn of emotion, seemingly conflicted about
his turn to the Dark Side, to the ...
It appears the reply for pool.ntp.org changed recently. This is making
my CentosOS 6 ntp servers unhappy.

$ host pool.ntp.org
pool.ntp.org has address
pool.ntp.org has address
The provision made at the end of cl 17 enables a purchaser, if he
wishes, to prove affectation at the relevant date by production of the
appropriate written statement, in the present case stating ...
Someone was talking over the Telephone :

I got a traffic ticket today doing a you-ee on Beverly Drive.

What does the you-ee represent in the sentence above?

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