I'm currently making a car customization flash game, i've already done
the coloring part (while user click "Red", the car become
The problem is i want to add an animation
before changing the color, eg: when user click "Red", a
sprayer is going left to right, and the car become "Red"
after that. So i make a movie clip named "Spray", and i got
5 labels "Red", "Green", "Yellow",
"Orange", "Blue" in following order, i add the
movie clip in every label, but it look weird because when user click
"Red", it play the movie clip and become "Red",
after that user
Hi Everyone,
I want to open an external swf from another swf
file. I do not want the external swf to open in a internet browser, I
want it to open in a controlled window (1024 X 710) no scroll bars, no
everything. I've located how to open a web site in a controlled window
with a browser, but I haven't been able to locate any code that opens
a swf in a new window with the browser.
Please help! the name of
the external swf is icb.swf. I know it involves JS but haven't found
the correct one to use yet.
I'm working on a prestashop theme and the more button is
moving down in the chrome browser but it renders fine in firefox. />http://bit.ly/1pzlXoW
I am now developing WordPress themes, but I encounter a problem. I
cannot make the theme responsive in mobile devices. So, our company
now offers such a job. Anyone has such skills can contact us. Our
site: http://www.mageewp.com/
Hello world !
i need help please !
On this pic of an swf
flash , i want to inverse the string :
Attachment 55499 />Hello google plus
I need Help !
The inversion works well
, but the text lines aren't on the correct order !!
Any one can
help me !
i need reorder the output like that :
i ! sulp
elgoog olleH
! pleH deen
This my actionscript 3 code : />------------------------------------------------------------------------- />import flash.events.Event;
input_txt.text =""; />output_txt.text ="";
var timer:Timer = new
Hi everyone,
I was wondering if anyone knew how to use AS3 to
allow a right click on a button whose instance name is go_btn
navigate to the next frame where an image is displayed. I tried using
thefollowing script: />go_btn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.RIGHT_CLICK, pasteInfo); />function pasteInfo(e:MouseEvent):void
{ />gotoAndPlay("26");
Flash gave error message
1119: Access of possibly undefined property RIGHT_CLICK through a
reference with static type Class.
Do you smoke cigarettes? If so what is your favorite brand? Why do you
smoke and what made you get into smoking? If you don't mind, when did
you start smoking? How many do you smoke a day?
Warning: Smoking
kills. (Not promoting smoking or anything, just wanted to know).
hello, can anyone help please?
I'm totally new to as3. I have
made a simple 4 frame web page that runs OK. I have a video playing at
frame 2 ("medical"). Whenever the browser changes to another
frame (page) the video continues playing the sound track in the
background. When returning to the "medical" frame, it does
not show any image but the sound continues in the background. When
clicking on the stop button nothing happens, when clicking on the play
button the video starts playing again on top of the previous video
audio, hence one can here a mix of the two audio tracks.:m:
imported the video directly into stage, hence the FLVPlayback was
added. I see no c
I posted this in Random because it isn't really language oriented,
it's more of a general question and thought. Also, I tried to post
this once but I don't think it worked. Sorry if this appears twice. />EDIT: Geez this is a long post.
I came up with an idea for a
card game to rely more on strategy than actual cards yesterday. While
I'm not completely planning to ever even start or attempt the project
it's been making me think of the networking aspect. Validation would
be required for user input so people couldn't cheat. Meanwhile using
certain methods could be messier than others, resulting in less
flexible coding (on my part due to laziness). I've come up with 3 gen
The title says it simply.... I know how to do it when you extend
Sprite like so:
class="bbcode_code">[Embed(source = '../lib/imgname.png')] />private var layer0Class:Class;
private var layer0:Bitmap = new
But how can you do
this using flixel?

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