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i want to know how to do the matrix effect, and hten have some letters
be highlighted to show my site logo. Does anyone know how to do this,
where to find a tutorial, and/or what i should read up about to do
thanx in advance
w'sup everyone..
i've got a list of links to display, and i'd
like to know what sort of options i have with flash, to make them more
user friendly.
the links will just be text, displayed like
link 1
link 2
link 3
...... />......
link 22
link 23 (etc...)
i came
across this tutorial: ("links in a dynamic text box") />http://www.kirupa.com/developer/mx/l...mictextbox.htm
and that
is certianly an easy way to enter all the data, and set up the
corresponding links/hypertext.
but are there any easy ways to
simulate CSS? for example
I've just started to learn html.My question is probably very
easy but I do not know much about it.How can I display folder try
using html code and when user clicks on folder message "Do you
want to download file" will be displayed?
You can see what I
am trying to do at following link:
Thank you
Alright, so this is really exciting. My friend I have known for years
recently started a business doing video editing and stuff. He asked me
a while back if, cause he was putting an ad in the phone book, if I
wanted to be contracted out by them and be in the ad, for web design.
I said sure, sounds great. I had told him many times I could make him
a site, but he kept saying something about his partner making the
site. (the phone book ad isn't the cool thing, just something that may
lead to cool things ;))
So he called me today and asked if I
wanted to still make him a site, and I am so stoked! He for some
reason bought some template for 30 dollars and just wants me to fill
it in, but,
class="bbcode_code">function buildList(){  />i=-1;  />    while (++i <= pics.length-1){  />        spacing = 130;  />        x = spacing * i;  />        name = "name" + i;  />        display.list.attachMovie("placeholder",name,i);  />        display.list&
Well, I recently received a devnet newsletter, and for some reason
skimmed it. I never read em, cause the sites are so full of ads I can
barely understand what I'm looking at. Well I ran into a tutorial that
I had often wondered, and have just started reading it. It is about
javascript dropdowns dynamically changing without refresh. But then I
remembered all the talk I had always heard about how Javascript was
horrible and never use it. That people don't allow it enabled, but...
I think I'm wrong, or my sources are. Is it really something to fear?
Was it at one point but it has changed (such as I think Flash was once
something that people had to really go download a lot, where as now,
they p
Hello --
One final problem for my site... I am hoping someone can
take a peek and help me out.
On my site I have a main nav bar.
This nav bar contains attached mc's generated from an XML array in
which I attached movie clips and loaded them with XML text data to
display the individual navigation section headers to be clicked. />This all works great! I have them highlighting when rolled over and
everything! Problem is-- when I click one I would like it to stay
highlighted. THEN-- when I click another one the previous link mc
would go back to it's non-highlighted state and the one that was just
clicked would be the one that stays highlighted.
I just got Flash MX 2004 and I would like to get a good book for a
beginner on Actionscripting. I'm not really a programmer, I'm an
artist (check my sig to see some of my artwork). I catch on to
programs quickly, but I'm looking for a book that might be good for a
designer/artist to learn actionscripting, not a programmer. I'm in
the process of designing my new site and have some cool ideas, but
they all need actionscripting to pull off. Any advice on a book is
much appreciated.
i'm building a site for my dogs.
http://www.mervinandmargo.com />as you can see the left and right arrows move the pictures. no pics
load when it's first loaded, only when you click the right arrow. />* please bear in mind this site is 50% done so there's not alot of
it working right now
what i'd like to do:
- for a pic to
load once frame is faded up without having to click a button
- is
there any way i can fade the pic in and out from each other, like
while one is fading out the other is fading in? instead of that fade
and then hard cut in
here is all the code i'm using, all of it
taken from kirupa

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