Position issue !! $ !!
by MikeG in Development Tools & Services
Alright so in my code I have it setup so that the player can hit a button and it will move a bomb I already have off screen too the player's location. The problem is that because I'm setting it too the player's location it follows the player. I just want it too spawn at the player's location and stay there.
my code for moving the bomb is
bomb1_mc.x =
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Making an image swapper selector in HTML5 that works across devices
by swassbac in Development Tools & Services
I am looking to create a simple image swapper similar to this concept here, it won't change the colour, but the actual image layer and reveal a texture or different style of paving. But will follow the same concept.
See flash example
I could do something like this in flash, but looking to create something like this in HTML5 so it

8.4 vs 10.1 Galaxy Tab Pro?
by glenn1 in Development Tools & Services
I'm wanting to get a galaxy tab pro but don't know which size I'd prefer. I had the original galaxy tab but it was laggy and slow and the latest model is slick.
Anyone have any suggestions about which would be best? I'm leaning toward one but want to get some opinions.
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Flash Video and its components
by johntynan in Development Tools & Services
Hello, This is my first thread on this forum. Well, I have a video object on stage. I want to embed a
volume slider component or, a mute button onto the video object to give the user greater control of the volume.
How do I do this? I am clueless
Any help will be appreciated!
var cam:Camera = Camera.getCamera();
cam.setMode(350, 150, 15);
cam.setQuality(0, 85);

Reading XML (Video Link)
by Vietnam in Development Tools & Services
Hey guys, I am a noob loading xml data and I already got some help here reading some xml, I am stuck again (tried already with what I learnt) with a different type of reading, I need to retrieve the following information:
Here's the important/related part of the AS3:
var data:XML = new XM
TAGS : Reading Video Link

Need help,i need to add five elements on random positions
by Salikh in Development Tools & Services
And i should be able to click drag and move them around and once they touch each other they change colors and become impossible to be moved again.

Flash AS3 - conect Parte I, II, III, etc... to index. (problems in audio flv file)
by Ivan Maček in Development Tools & Services
Good day.
I have 7 files in fla (AS3) of which 6 of them (Part I, II ...) are subordinate to 1, the index.
It turns out that not always the subordinate files appear to occupy the entire length of the initial stage (index.swf)! For Part I and Part II wont work but for the other appears only half the stage!
If I click on index.swf in Part II: develops Part II ... but if half of this a

Timed Auto Scrolling menu
by Pedro Varela in Development Tools & Services
Hi all, it's been a while since I've build a flash project since everything went to HTML 5. I have a small project to create a menu that is editable via XML. I'm using the XML Flash tutorial on Kirupa to refresh my memory which is working out fine. Question is I need it to be placed within a scroller that automatically scrolls up one item at time on a delay. I also need it to then loop infinitely.

Text center animation
by Rob Archer in Development Tools & Services
hello friends,
I need ideas or example.
A icon on the screen center.
Defined texts (may be xml) converge at the center with the icon and disapperaing.
for example "+".
icon center of +, 4 texts come (-y to center, +y to center, +x to center, -x to center) and converge at the center.
this is infinite loop.
thanks for advice and help

Flash How to import movie clip in library the same as the movie clip clicked on stage?
by neosephiroth86 in Development Tools & Services
I want to duplicate the object when it's clicked. So I will have 2 objects, 1 which stays the same and one which will follow mouse pointer to be dragged around. But what happened is that the clicked one will follow the mouse and don't have any duplicates to stay. Really need solution to this. Thanks!
I've tried to make it like movingHero = new Hero1(); but since I don't know which hero will

CS5 CS5.5 IK Keyframes?
by seventy6 in Development Tools & Services
I've been following various tutorials for creating animation with IK in Flash Pro CS5.5. All the bones are connected and the character yanks around as expected but when I create a new pose in later frames it does not create a new keyframe marking that pose. Insert pose is greyed out. How do I fix this?
TAGS : Keyframes

Flash Reloading saved bitmap image from Shared Object in another Movieclip?
by George H. in Development Tools & Services
Hi all,
I've encountered a pretty frustrating issue and was hoping for some guidance.
Basically, I'm taking a a screenshot of a section of the stage using a bitmap and a matrix which I then encode into a bytearray using the PNGEncoder; in order is to serialize the bitmap image.
Next I'm saving the serialized bitmap image to a SharedObject variable.
The intention is to reload th

url value after execution
by China in Development Tools & Services
I am using js to href to another page within my php script. On successful execution on that page, 100 is displayed on the browser. I need to get the value into a variable to test and give the user meaningful feedback but am yet to figure out a way to go about it. Can some one please point me in the right direction?
Here is the code:
echo "<script language=javascript&g

Help With X & Y for Bullet
by dbrews in Development Tools & Services
Hello There, Im in urgent help with getting a bullet to spawn where the gun is..
The gun is inside the char..
(ill skip all my other code..i just want to explain my problem)
function onEnterFrame(){
a = attachMovie("bullet", "bullet
TAGS : Help With Bullet

Reading XML ::
by Pennsylvania in Development Tools & Services
Hey guys, I am a noob loading xml data and I need to retrieve the following information:
Here's the important/related part of the AS3:
var data:XML = new XML(loader.data as String);
            var status:String = data.*::status.toString();
TAGS : Reading

Flash Stop a Class instead of removeChild?
by JEDIYoda in Development Tools & Services
I have combined motion tweening and a programmed class animation in Flash. I want to stop the class when the rest of the animation stops at the last frame. I have stop(); on the last frame, but this only stops the tweened animation. I can stage.removeChild(); and the class disappears. Is there anyway to make the class

XML flash a.s. 2 table HELP
by Veliko in Development Tools & Services
i have recreated the xml data into flash succesfully as explained by this tutorial.
now i wanted to have a button behavior or a link into one of the item lets say student. so i can click on it and change a movie clip property or at least get an url.
do not know which aproach its better xml wise or actionscript wise <
TAGS : flash table HELP

Flash Game SFX and music using classes
by XiandreX in Development Tools & Services
Hi all,
I am developing a flash game currently and was hoping you could please help me with some issues I am experiencing having.
The game I

How do I account for JavaScript's complete disrespect of "this"?
by ZsA in Development Tools & Services
(Note, this is a rant in disguise, but I really would like a solution too)
I run into this problem quite a bit. Perhaps I'm just too used to the predictability of AS3, but there is often no easy way to avoid JavaScript (or other JavaScript developers) from butchering your this value, and setting it to whatever it wants before calling a function. Most often I run into this issue setting callba

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