Listening on nested/exported mc inside a stage mc
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Hey guys,
I have a very simple noob question, simplified example:
I have a movie clip already loaded on the stage called mcCenter
through actionscript I am loading inside that mcCenter a new mc called mcNoVideo.
My problem is that I want to listen for a click on the newly created mcNoVideo, but don't really getting it.
medianet_width='336'; medianet_height= '280'; medianet_crid='202258688';
Button that controls movieclip frames. !
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Hey there !
I got a really simple question.
How do I make a button on the main timeline that will set various movieclips within other movieclips to jump to a spesific frame number in their own timeline when pressed ?
Like, I have a 10 frame movieclip that contains several different weapons on each frame, and I want that button on the main timeline to make the MCs to jump to the desi

AIR Decrease compile time for debugging on android FDT
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Dear Kirupa community,
I want to make an android application. I use FDT as the development environment. I timed the compiling and it takes 46 seconds. I was wondering if it is possible to reduce this in FDT? Is there some tutorial on how to make compile times faster, like close to 10 seconds? Compiling for desktop takes about 5 seconds with FDT, so I thought that for android this should also

Flash Preloader "fake" progress when needed
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Hello forum :)
I ll get right to the point. I have a simple basic preloader that has served me well over the years. A swf loads my main swf.
import fl.display.SafeLoader
import fl.display.SafeLoaderInfo;
var myMovie:Sprite;
var l:SafeLoader = new SafeLoader();
l.contentLoaderInfo.addEventListener(ProgressEvent .PROGRESS, loop, false, 0, true);

to divide large numbers
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hy im trying to divide large floating point values like 10 in the level of -18. but flash rounds em numbers up and i get results in e-level and i also suspect mistakes to have been made ... any sure way to do this? i also think the int(); already produces some data loss but perhaps im just paranoid. anyway here is my faulty code:

PHP I have made a simple php form
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I have made a simple php form for a website wherein someone fills in their name, mail and message. It works. However since I get the value that is the sender's mail I want to give them a choice of getting a copy (or not) - perhaps a checkbox they can tick if they want this. However (I'm new to this) I can't figure out how get this. I'm thinking it should be simple using isset to say "if it's

AS3 Saving with mysql Need someone who know how Paying $50 paypal
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Paying $50 Paypal
Hello i want a partner for my game that knows how to save game data to a database like mysql
Example Coins i have 30 i refresh and still have 30 i got to Database and i can give my self coins ect.

Tabs or spaces?
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I don't plan on starting a debate (yet). I just wanted to do a quick check, is there anyone here that prefers spaces over tabs?
If so, is this preference for good reason, or just habit? Would you be willing to write a blog post backing up your reasons preferring spaces?
EDIT: I added the poll just to get a bit of a head count.

Flash Scrolling messes up collision detection
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Hello guys, I am making a game and i'm having a hard time scrolling the world without my collisions being muddled up.
PHP Code:
        container = new Sprite();
Action Script 3 Visualizer Help
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I am using Adobe Flash cs3 and am trying to create a SIMPLE visualizer.
I sorted out my code and there are no errors yet i recieve an error message When i play my swf
I am a beginner to Actionscript and would like some help. Thank you

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