We are an E-Learning company in Toronto, Canada. We want to produce
Flash tutorials for IP Phones. Rich content, XML transcripts with
Audio and XML-driven callouts.
Here take a look at a sample
module: ("Hotspot Guide to the Cisco Unified IP Phone
7941") />http://www.percepsys.com/SNAPLAYER/g...rameId=L2.S1.2
Here is
another example: />http://www.taleka.com/demo/demos/usa/7965/index.htm
I am looking
for quote for similar training modules which I would like quotes on By
the Minute.
Multi-media content development (Flash)XML text tran
I've posted this in a few other forums and I have yet to get results.
I need some desperate help. I have two dynamic text boxes that
generate random words independently from one another every time a
button is clicked. What I want to happen is for a specific MovieClip
to be visible when a specific value in the first array is generated.
Below is my code. I am by NO MEANS a veteran programmer, so please
help with code if possible! I'd greatly appreciate it!
class="bbcode_container"> class="bbcode_description">Code:
class="bbcode_code">import flash.events.Event;
firstPart:Array = ["Do this", "Do that"
Independent of the general forum slowness, I haven't been pretty
active for the past few weeks either! This is mostly a combination of
me being extremely busy at work as well as me putting together content
for my next book. The next one month is going to be a bit crazy, but
I'll be back spamming you all really soon :P
Can someone explain to me why this code does not work correctly?
Fairly simple and I have tested many different things to try and
figure it out. I even took video capture of it failing...
    <script> />        var weaponName = ["gun",
"knife", "rocket"];
  var weaponWeight = ["3", "1",
        var weaponDamage =
["3", "2",  "10"];
Hey guys,
I'm working on a game and it runs quick for a bit but
after leaving it to run for a few minutes it starts eating the CPU.
The memory stays constant though and I can't figure out the cause.
Could it be from the vector drawing? Thanks for any ideas.
class="bbcode_container"> class="bbcode_description">Code:
        />        import

        import flash.display.Sprite; />    &n
Hi guys.
I made a platform game. The code that I made works fine
but when when the player is game over and I press the button to replay
I cannot control my character any more. Any help would be
Here the code:
import flash.events.Event; />import flash.display.MovieClip;
import flash.utils.Timer; />import flash.display.Sprite;

//vars (define events and
var KeyThatIsPressed:uint;
var leftKeyIsDown:Boolean=false; />var upKeyIsDown:Boolean=false;
var downKeyIsDow
Thanx for accepting me. I getting error "runtime shared
library preloading warning", because I change font style in same
layer and i forget what font style use in last editing. What should i
do to know about my font style? Please find the jpg file attachment
for font style.
Hi guy:)
I need urgent help. I am making a platform game for
college. I have to handle it next week. The code works fine until the
player has lost all his health and is game over.
The problem is
in the coin class: Coin.as
The code looks like this:
package { />    import flash.display.MovieClip; />    import flash.events.*; />    public class Coin extends MovieClip { />        
Hey there !
I got a really simple question.
How do I make a
button on the main timeline that will set various movieclips within
other movieclips to jump to a spesific frame number in their own
timeline when pressed ?
Like, I have a 10 frame movieclip that
contains several different weapons on each frame, and I want that
button on the main timeline to make the MCs to jump to the desired
frame number to change all the weapons at the same time. Hope I made
it clear.
Thanks for any help
Hi everyone, I am a bit stuck with the following code:
class="bbcode_code">//scaling occurs on mcCenter
= stage.fullScreenHeight;
mcCenter.scaleX = mcCenter.scaleY; />mcCenter.x = (stage.fullScreenWidth - mcCenter.width)/2; />mcCenter.y = 0;
//now I need to center the variable vid (video
object) into mcCenter.mcPlayerBackground middle <-- on the widths
middle of this nested mc.
vid.x =
(mcCenter.mcPlayerBackground.width - vid.width) / 2;
some reason the code is using the previous mcCenter.mcPlayerBackg

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