set codec and quality settings for videopool
by Nidleb in Development Tools & Services
How and where would you set the codec and quality settings to suit slow and faster connections in a livestream broadcast videopool? I want to make only the first subscriber have best settings and subsequent subscriber videos low settings. But I want to set the codec as h.264 for all.

Flash Track list
by PeterYunZhang in Development Tools & Services
Hi guys :)
OK ! I have designed a flash as3 mp3Player and all works great. [ something like winamp ]
1# Is there a way that I can write an XML file to specify the directory & the number of mp3s in the specified directory so that my swf can be altered to look in a specific place to the user.
2# And can add those mp3s in to a list and view the list in a textArea or something.
TAGS : Flash Track list

looping from _parent on alpha fadeout
by Dan Lowe in Development Tools & Services
I'm trying to loop a function as soon as the alpha from my text fades out completely, but I've read somewhere that alpha may not reach exactly 0 and don't know how to handle this problem.
this is the function i have in the main timeline:
function attachClips():Void{

onclick to move back and forth
by Kbotei in Development Tools & Services
how can i assign a button to move red ball back and forth to avoid collision from blue ball. if collided then the blue ball should stop rotating.
HTML Code:
<div class="circle">
<div class="ball_blue"></div>
<div class="ball_red"></d

Funny Pictures Thread!
by Jason Haar in Development Tools & Services
I have a collection of funny pictures that I stash for the appropriate moment. I figured I'll post a few every now and then. To kick things off, here is one of my favorites:

AS2 Quiz to pick 5 out of 10 frames randomly.
by Julian Ivanov in Development Tools & Services
Hey guys, sorry to be a pain in my first time posting, but I'm very new to Flash, and most of the time creeping around the site usually sorts out any problems I have. I've made a quiz with AS2 that has 10 multiple choice questions (each with their own frame, which links to another frame on submitting the answer, detailing whether or not the answer is right), a 20 second timer, and a score counter,

Frozen !
by nickthecook in Development Tools & Services
Random activity is frozen......Where is everyone..... :stare:
TAGS : Frozen

Hi I need some reviews
by Rob M in Development Tools & Services
Hi UI designers,
I have designed registration form.I need some reviews and constructive criticism.Attachment 55486Attachment 55487
TAGS : need some reviews

Action with html5 and forms
by raghu78 in Development Tools & Services
What exactly does it mean when you see action="/" or action=" ". I understand what action does, but I don't understand what the double quotes with the / or what it means with a space. .

Converting Arrays to ints
by Train in Development Tools & Services
I am having a big problem with one of my programs. In this program, a user enters text into an input box in the form of "86;21;34;02;13", and, each of these is put into an array called mydata. Unfortunately, all I keep getting is strings. It will say mydata[0] is 86, but it is registered as a string, and I cannot add, subtract, multiply, etc. I have tried int(mydata[0]), int(

[FlashPro8/AS2]Remove first line in dynamic-text.text
by Charlie98 in Development Tools & Services
Hello, I am new here. I think I'm going to stick around since it looks like the only place where people don't turn AS2 questions into "there is no reason not to use AS3" hatewalls. Shut up, as2 is a marvelous learning language.
I'm making a little text-adventure to brush up my skills with thinking in arrays and whatnot, and its actually turning into quite the adventure. It's basical

Looking for Simple Client-Server Database Solution for AIR App
by Canada in Development Tools & Services
Hey guys,
I'm having a bit of trouble finding a web service or server based database that I can understand. I have never really ventured out past Actionscript or Java but I feel like my needs are pretty simple. All I need is a single table with a row for each user and the ability to store various numbers, strings, passwords for each one. I've looked at online database services like Parse, Kna

Increase number when another number increases
by docp in Development Tools & Services
This is probably really easy!
I have a program where kids can record the laps they run. Depending on how many laps, their level may increase. Level 1 has laps 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8....Level 2 has laps 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 14 etc. I have two vars. lapNumber = 1, and levelNumber = 1.
with a keyboard event, as laps increase lapNumber++, I need the levelNumber to check and possible go up. I

JS Frame budgets with requestAnimationFrame
by OGG in Development Tools & Services
I have some code where I'm moving some objects with requestAnimationFrame. On my machine it so happens that the number of objects being moved makes the page render at 50 or so FPS with frequent temporary drops. If I add in something that intentionally wastes time, like console.error("I'm wasting time."), the browser's scheduler (Chromium 35.0.1902.0 in this case) drops the animation fr

Main.asc file
by zac in Development Tools & Services
Hi, Maybe I am just dumb to ask this question. I am using FMS. I am building a chat application. I have created two files one file is to bootstap peers.
And, the second file I created is to distribute introductions across servers in a peer registry. My question I required to create a third ActionScript communication file that allows clients to communication with each other that acc
TAGS : Main file

help with moving mc to set position and deleting enterframe ?
by Neuromaster in Development Tools & Services
Hi all,
I am having difficulty remembering how to move a movieclip to an x and y position by reducing or increasing it's x and y until it has reached the location.
It is only working from one direction and not always deleting the onenterframe and sometimes stopping before it reaches the set position?
This is what i have so far!
Underline position and thickness
by FriendL in Development Tools & Services
I have a input box where can apply underline for the selected text.When underline is applied using textformat the line is coming just near to text.If any descendent letters like 'g','q','p','j' or 'y' is present in text box then the underline is cutting off. So I want to know is there any method available in AS2.0 to control the underline x and y position and also to set the thickness of the line.

Zooming children of container
by Icecold in Development Tools & Services
I have a container (containerA) and inside that is many child MCs.
I am wanting to zoom the children so that the container still takes up the same space on the screen but is zoomed and I then need to pan around to see all the MCs inside the container.
What I have tried is:
but this does not work properly, the whole container zooms and takes

Flash MovieClip Randon?
by Kiltec in Development Tools & Services
As I can show on flash movieclip Ramdon?
I have 50 movie clip each have a value defined for me.
I want to show flash movieclip 12, but not repeated.
An example would be a game of cards each card is unique and can not be repeated.

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