Flash How do i make my rectangle turn around an object?
by AtenRa in Development Tools & Services
I know how to move an object with keyboard but i have no idea how to make a rectangle be always a certain number of pixels near an object ( that can move with WASD ) and make it turn around that object with the beyboard. How do i do it?

AIR GraphicsBitmapFill created by Flash IDE has invalid BitmapData
by Janko in Development Tools & Services
I am trying to access a bitmap object which has no linkage and has been added directly to the timeline in the Flash IDE. When I look through the children of the display object container I see flash has converted all vector art and bitmaps in to Shape objects. The problem is when I use readGraphicsData to get a vector of IGraphicsData objects then the GraphicsBitmapFill object describing

Calling ActionScripters :) Exciting project
by John Tate in Development Tools & Services
Hey all!
We've got a team of bright developers working on an ActionScript 3 online drawing application.
Collaborative drawing boards to this day are still sort of a niche, so a part of our goal is to expand that to a much broader audience - because hey, drawing is fun :)
The platform we're building is very unique, far more centered around social experiences than what is offered on o

Flash Puzzling me :/
by Andrew Forbes in Development Tools & Services
function playSong(e:MouseEvent):void{
channel = snd.play(pos);
songInfo.scrollingText.tf.text = (artist + "  -  "  + songName).toUpperCase();
lineMetrics = songInfo.scrollingText.tf.getLineMetrics(0);
startX = lineMetrics.x;
wide = songInfo.scrollin
TAGS : Flash Puzzling

Flash AS3 and NetConnection problems
by JulianCT in Development Tools & Services
So, I have a NetConnection established and the SSAS calls a function of its client object. In said function, certain things need to happen based on the caller parameters where the results are only available upon event completion (loading of resources, Tamarin creation, parsing and returning, etc.).
The problem is, the NC client object's return value cannot be deferred, it must return immediat

full-screen flash app extremely slow
by msg in Development Tools & Services
I built an AS3 app that I export as AIR-app as installer to be run in full-screen. So I set it to:
stage.displayState = StageDisplayState.FULL_SCREEN_INTERACTIVE;
stage.scaleMode = StageScaleMode.SHOW_ALL;
Everything works, except that if in full-screen mode, the App is extremely slow. It's some sort of gallery, where a new image slides in and an old one slides out. And tha

Someone who is good with Math/Triq Plz Help
by Anthony Perkins in Development Tools & Services
Hey guys,
Im just messing around with AS3 and math and right now I have a program that generates cosine waves BUT it is out of phase for some reason.
package  {   
    import flash.display.MovieClip;   
    import flash.events.Event

Which approach is best to create a responsive html page? !
by ShintaiDK in Development Tools & Services
I have designed 3 versions of a web page - desktop, tablet and mobile.
Content is same but layout is different.
Which approach is best to convert the page to responsive html:
a) Separate html files
b) Separate CSS files
c) Single CSS file
You can view jpegs of the 3 versions here:
Tablet: <

Flash Require Text Input Before Continue & If Statement Malfunctions
by uo7 in Development Tools & Services
I am really working to get this project completed (it's an online cognitive psychology experiment), and I'm at the stage now of working out bugs and errors. So, I apologize in advance if I post a lot of questions.
Here's some context on the project. A participant is shown a word and asked to indicate how many times they've seen that word throughout the course of the experiment. Responses are

Cake creator
by Aaviel in Development Tools & Services
Hi, I'm trying to create some kind of cake creator.
So far it works like that: some cake ingredients are draged and droped on the surface of the cake. Everything goes well until I press finish(defined by me) button and go to the next frame. The ingredients are visible in the next frame and I'd like not have them there. Could you please suggest how can I modify my code and make them invisible.
TAGS : Cake creator

JS Help needed using Supersized and Fancybox together. Potential jQuery conflict?
by boomerang in Development Tools & Services
Hi guys,
I'm creating a site that uses the Supersized background jQuery plugin which all works fine.
However on the Gallery and Video sections I need to use the Fancybox jQuery plugin and the two don't seem to like working at the same time - at the moment I have to have either one or the other.
I've tried linking to a different jQuery library version but to no avail :( Also I looked

Getting direction of bullet based on angel of something
by fayoh in Development Tools & Services
Thread title pretty much speaks for itself. I have a movieclip, which is a line, and it rotates with some actionscript
this._rotation += 1;
now I am wanting to get the xspeed and yspeed for the bullet based on it's rotation.
This is what I currently have for the bullet:

Flash swf controlling other swfs in the same PC
by Toetee in Development Tools & Services
I'm trying to make 4 individual swf "music scores" and 1 main SCORE swf that controls the others as if it was a conductor or director. For this first attempt the files are all in 1 PC, there's no need for network interaction. And all the files are "waiting commands" or opened on screen. Is there a way to do this?
For example if i want to make the swf 3 music score jump to,

JS Filtering Items in a List: ALL checkbox?
by Silverforce11 in Development Tools & Services
Hi, I've used Kirupa's Filtering Items in a List tutorial and it worked just great for me... thanks so much for making it simple enough for a newbie with no JS experience (and still learning HTML) to use!
My question is, how can I include one more checkbox to this functionality, so that my users can check or uncheck an "ALL" category? My list is an extensive list of publications wi

Syncing Code With FrameRate
by Octopuss in Development Tools & Services
Hey guys,
I'm having a problem with what I think might be a sync with framerate problem.
package  {       
        import flash.display.MovieClip;       
        import flash.events.Event;

Flash Radio Button Group Problem, Error 1069
by damomurf in Development Tools & Services
I have four radio button groups with ten buttons in each group. Everything is created at run-time. A separate function creates each group of radio buttons. The code works fine until the user makes his/her selections and clicks on the "Continue" button. At that point, I receive the following error:
Flash Cant remove event
by Leo in Development Tools & Services
tf.removeEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME, moveText);
tf.addEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME, moveText);
I cant remove the listener any help plz
Thanks Stevem

Flash Help - Horizontal slide on button click in confined area?
by damomurf in Development Tools & Services
So I'm relatively new with Flash, though I pick up things pretty quickly and I'm more than persistent when trying to work out problems and kinks.
Here's what I'm trying to do, and I'm not sure what the best way to achieve this effect is:
I have a 400 x 500 px (w x h) document with background things.
I have a 300 x 150 px area of text.
I want an arrow button in the lower right

Simple pop-in window, darken the browser.
by techthumb in Development Tools & Services
Hi guys, I was wondering if you could help me out with a simple pop-in window - a window within the browser that will hold an image. Either script or a point in the right direction would be much appreciated thanks:
- Click a button
- Webpage is darkened
- An image opens in a pop-in window
- Clicking anywhere closes the pop-in window
Thanks in advance for your help!

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