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WTB Traffic domains
Looking for domains
with solid type in/typo traffic and parking revenue stats
TLDS are welcome if they meet the above requirements
budget is
Dallas/Fort Worth-Related Domain : midcitiesdesign.com /> 
I've had this domain since 2010, intending to use
it for my own purposes. However, I went down a different path. />This domain is pretty nice if you live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area
and intend to do something with web (or any other sort) of design. />(If you don't live in the DFW area, the Wikipedia article
"Mid-Cities" will tell you what this area is. I'm sure there
are other areas in the world named "mid cities" which I
don't know of, though.)
Feel free to PM me any questions!
DomainMarket.com - Are they legit?
Hello, I
would like to discuss this company DomainMarket.com to see if anyone
knows anything about them.
I purchased a domain from them 6 days
ago and I received a receipt, but no further follow up or transfer of
the domain. I've sent two emails to every address listed on their
website and have not received a response.
I called them and they
did answer the phone; however they did not answer any of my questions
with any level of certainty. I asked them what the status is of the
domain transfer and they said that they would follow up with m
Question about trademark and more
I have
owned a domain, a misspelled, for almost 10 years. The misspelled
trademark has an affiliate program that I am or was a part of until
they stopped my account asked for my marketing strategies and demand
that the misspelled domain be transferred to them at cost to continue
on the program. They have suspended pending payments as well. Please
note that I have forwarded the traffic from this domain to them with
my affiliate ID for as long as I have owned that domain. What to do?
Anybody has experience on such a field.
PaidWebHosting.com & PaidLinkDirectory.com - Premium Domains
For Sale
Im selling the following
domain names:
PaidWebHosting.com $99
* Registered at GoDaddy.
* One year registration
* Private Whois.
Post sold to claim or pm me for
Free $9.95 Domain Reseller Account from httpEasy.com /> 
Greetings Members & Friends,
is pleased to offer you a Free $9.95 Domain Name Reseller account with
no deposit whatsoever. Here is a sample of prices:
Registration /yr Renewal /yr
.com $9.95 $9.95
.net $9.95
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Japanese .jp domains
Where is the best
place to get Japanese .jp domains if you live outside of Japan?
Selling a large domain portfolio
suggest the best way to sell the .com domains in a portfolio of 1000+
domain names. Many of the domains are more than 4 years old (many 6
years old) and consist of a large number of LLLL.com domain names
(triple premium ) and keyword domains. Looking for suggestions on the
best way to sell the domain names, so as to maximise the sale
Football domains and packages, directory, wallpapers, games
Currently tied up in a few websites at the
minute so won't have time to do much with these anytime soon, all
domains are registered at Godaddy.com, The packages are $50 each, i'd
be happy to sell absolutely everything below for $200! ;) />Packages
EPLWallpapers.com - $50
Comes with avscripts
wallpaper script.
FootballDirectory.net - $50
PHPLD script
(http://www.phplinkdirectory.com), no link back version worth $80. />GoodFootballGames.co

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