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Shipwrecked with a third level .name email address /> 
For nearly 10 years I used my third-level domain
e-mail, rogers@mark.name
It was administered via Dotster's
Personalnames dot com web interface.
Not long ago, Dotster was
sold to or somehow consolidated with The Endurance International
Group, Inc. (EIG). After the sale/consolidation, Personalnames dot com
became defunct. I tried renewing my.name domains (I have several for
myself and family) through the Dotster interface but kept getting
messages that they could not manage the .name domains.
To skip a
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wen't to my domain registrar (Hover), and tried to modify two
nameservers IP addresses. It came back with an error, so I contacted
them. They changed it for me, however they then noticed that after 6
days, it was still showing the old IP address. I've checked on
whatsmydns.com and all over the world, ns1-2 still has two IP
addresses showing up, causing a hassle when trying to modify a site
(The changes being sent to the old server).
I've spoken to them
and made them aware of the problem, and they've been looking in to it.
Their last reply s
Bitcoin, PayPal, Skrill, cc -- Domain Regisration: 63 TLDs /> 
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I am looking for two or three domains. /> 
I am a programmer and looking for two
or three nice domains for my website.
My budget is limited so can
anyone help me out. I am intrested to buy one .com and two .biz
Need a reputable english registrar for a chinese domain (.cn) /> 
We usually use godaddy, but they no longer accept
chinese domains and the couple domain registrars I've found have
terrible reviews.
The domain was originally used by scammers in
China who cloned our website (but used the .cn extension) and all of
that jazz. Some lawyers in China were able to get us the rights to
the domain in question, and I need to find a place for them to
transfer it to so we can control the nameservers and renew it
ourselves when the time comes.
We now just need a safe, reliable
registrar w
Buying two letter .ca domains
am looking for a couple nice 2 letter .ca domains.
Looking to
spend 750-2000 depending on the domain.
If you have any please
email scott.c @ broadconnect.ca
Building your application on twitter? think twice /> 
I would like to share my experience with
the community to show how unreliable it can be to build your
application on twitter and how important it is to register your own
domain name and stay away from building back link to your twitter
I had registered an account with twitter, @isell, when
twitter was not that famous and my idea was to develop an application
later and build a classified list.
Two years ago somebody sent
me a message and mentioned interest in buying the account. A couple of
month ago
History of DNS changeso of a domain?
there a way to determinate the history of DNS changes of a domain, or
at least know what was the previous set of DNS used by a domain?
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