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Domain transfer (less than 60 days old) alternative? /> 
My current host has the 99.9%DOWNTIME and bad
support. I registered less than 30 days ago, but to transfer domain to
another host, it needs to be at least 60 days old. From searches i
read an option is to re-point the domain server to the host you wish
to move to, please how is this done?
NameCheap and BigRock
Since I started,
actually, to move domains off GoDaddy (for various reasons), I looked
first for alternatives.
There are two, able to keep almost all
TLDs I use, not too high in terms of prices and more or less good
judged by reviews: NameCheap and BigRock.
The latter seems more
attractive in terms its WHOIS protection isn't paid. Are there any
known disadvantages (problems with support etc.) that I could miss
while reading reviews?
Any other suggestions (other registrars)
are also very welcome. Thanks.
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