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Grabbing an expired domain - which service to use? /> 
I'm looking for the best/fastest way to
(eventually) get a domain that recently expired at the beginning of
the month so I searched the forum and came across SnapNames and
ExpireFish. Does anyone know what registrar SnapNames and ExpireFish
go through to register your domain once it is available? Is it more
money on top of the $50 or $10 they charge for their service? I just
found out Afternic has the same sort of deal. I guess all you pay is
a $10 one-time membership fee and they'll monitor the domain. Does
anyone have experience with them or any info on how often they tr
registering .uk domains
Where does one
regsiter .uk domains for customers....anyone have a good place? />Thanks in advance
totalNIC.net is a rip-off! DO NOT use them!!! /> 
A while ago I registered
several (about eight) domains with totalnic.net. Now I am trying to
transfer the domains to a different registrar.. and each request has
been refused. So I emailed them to ask why the transfers are not
working, and here's the reply they sent.


For your protection against the industry wide r
Domains for sale
perfect site for job barters. (reg paid till
3/02...reg. 000domains.com)
a good domain registrar that accepts paypal? /> 
Anybody know of a *good* domain registrar that
accepts paypal payments? Doesn't have to be super cheap, but I'd
prefer < $15 :)
joker --> stargateinc
I am trying to
transfer domains from joker to stargateinc. An example is
www.talkstargate.com but i am getting this message:
style="margin:20px; margin-top:5px; ">

Administrative Contact:
Thank you for confirming the request to
transfer {talkstargate.***** to Stargate. Unfortunately, your domain
is not eligible for transfer at this time due to current status of
your domain. Please contact your existing registrar regarding t
Does anyone know anything about this register(RegisterClub.com).
They say they will register your domain for $10, and it will be
registered for one year.
My questions are:
After that 1
year can your domain be renewed? And if so will it be more than $10
the next year(s)?
And if they do charge you more an you choose
not to pay but move else where, does that domain become there
An finally do you have to be hosted by them when you
buy the domain you want? I want to trasnfer to a host that has a good
deal working with transferred domains...
If any of you could
Do you guys think it's bad to have your home address listed in
the whois look up? personally all my domains do not list my real name
or address simply because i work at home if i had a business address
it would be different. I do adult web sites and when i go and buy
content the publishers wants my home address in the whois lookup so
they can easily match up sites in use to licensees. They told me i
could get a PO box and use that for licensing and registration. What
is a PO box and how does that work and how do i get one?
Maybe im
just being cautious for nothing but i don't need any hate mail

Re: NetSol (Network Solutions)
You may be able to
trust NetSol, but where did you get the idea of good support, it's all
automated and if you had to ring them you would wait for a very very
long time.
For Low-Cost Try:
http://www.totalnic.net -
I've had a postivie experience with TotalNic, prompt
and easy registration. http://www.npsis.net - $15/year
http://www.bulkregister.com - Depends...
No comments on the
other two.
For DNS services try ultradns.net....
They're not the cheapest but I was just wondering if they're

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