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fast webhosting
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Why.us domain name unfashionable
Why .us
domain name unfashionable?it seems that usa won't like use it
Signed up to resell.biz. Can't find cost prices!? /> 
Hey guys
I'm probably just being very stupid,
but I signed up to the resell.biz domain reseller program now, but im
struggling to understand the reseller UI. I can't seem to find a full
listing of their domain cost pricing anywhere. Am integrating it with
my WHMCS. Any help is greatly appreciated!
Why cant I post in the Domain Name selling section /> 
I have ten posts and more than 7 days here. I
wanted to get an appraisal on a domain but it wont let me post in
there. Am I missing something?
Wild West Domains Reseller Coupon Code + Free Hosting + Free SSL
+ Lowest Price!
Why become a domain reseller if
all you can sell is domains? Your customer needs hosting with those
domains, they need SSL certs, they need SEO, they need Wordpress blog
hosting, they need Ecommerce solutions, they need web site
builders...and on and on and on, and they are going to buy these
things SOMEWHERE, why not from you?
So why shouldn't you make the
money from selling these items AT THE SAME TIME someone buys a domain
from you? That's what happens when you become a Wild West Domains
Reseller, you get the chance to s
Guide for selling domains?
I've never sold
a domain name before, but am considering it now. It's a PR8. Is there
a newbie guide somewhere for how to do this safely?
Fastest domain lookup site?
I used to use
ajaxwhois but it doesn't seem to exist anymore. What's a good
Opening Paypal Dispute against register.com ? /> 
My friend got an domain last year on some kindda
discount @ register.com, as he was busy with his personal life, he
didn't give a damn about domain. He didn't want to renew so he ignored
their emails when asked to renew by register.com
According to my
friend, he didn't even log on to register.com for more than 6 months
at the least.
He had bought domain earlier on using Paypal,
register.com had some kindda Auto Safe Renew feature enabled, so it
deducted the amount automatically from the paypal account, he was
unaware of it, until he
Help with setting SPF record for namecheap email forwarding? /> 
I'm using namecheap's email forwarding to forward
mail from admin@mydomain.com to myemail@gmail.com. That part works.
Now the problem is when I send out mails with my web application using
the address as admin@mydomain.com it will reach the spam box of most
email providers. In gmail it tells me its a soft fail.
By default
namecheap has this as the spf record I believe:
style="margin:20px; margin-top:5px">
dir="ltr" style="t
Crazydomains.com.au nightmare
I am waiting
between support tickets from Liquidweb and crazydomains.com.au but the
last few days have been a nightmare for me, so far my site has been
down for almost 5 days without any signs of being up anytime but
something strange has now happened which will be at the end of this
long rant!
Long story short, I upgraded my Legacy VPS server with
Liquidweb to a Storm one I have been with Liquidweb since 2007. The
data transfer went perfect and as usual Liquidweb did a awesome job,
next step was to change the IP's on the nameservers to point to my new
server, this is whe

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