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All activities require energy, and for human beings, fossil fuels are
the primary means of producing that energy. Coal, petroleum and
natural gas power everything from industrial manufacturing and
agriculture to household cooking, heating and air conditioning. Since
the Industrial Revolution, fossil fuels remain the foundation of
global production and continue to power everyday life. CoalCoal is
a solid formed from decomposed vegetation that is compressed into
sedimentary rock. It is extracted through mining, and is the primary
means of generating electricity across the globe. Coal has a wide
variety of other applications, including heat generation in devices
such as grills and blast furn
High school students are on a different level than elementary
students, especially when it comes to forms of entertainment. It is
nice to give them a break from the monotony of books and papers with a
game, but that game should be carefully selected and organized. You do
not want your students to feel like children or to become bored,
because they will not learn anything. Quiz GamesQuiz games are the
easiest way to get high school students to learn about history. Not
only will they get the information, but they can also show their peers
how much they know about certain aspects of nature. The best way to
set it up would be in teams, making sure everyone gets a turn. Give
them categories, s
A rational exponent is also known as a fractional exponent. The
exponent is divided into two parts. The top part, or numerator, has
the function of a regular exponent and raises the number or expression
to a given power. The lower part, or denominator, asks for an
indicated root of the exponent. For example, if the expression is
4^1/2, the denominator is indicated the second or square root of 4,
which is 2. Equations with expressions affected by rational exponents
have a special technique for solution.Difficulty:Moderately
EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
class="error">Separate the term of the equation with the rational
exponent by moving the other parts to the
The English language contains a broad range of words, based on words
taken from other languages. When you confront a new word, being able
to decipher its meaning involves finding clues in words you already
know. The more words you know, the more links you will have.
Vocabulary is therefore exponential. Unlocking the meaning of a word
happens regularly when reading complex or difficult texts. Doing so
will strengthen your comprehension and give you a wider and more
interesting vocabulary, as indicated by Tom S. Bellomo's research at
Daytona State College.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things
You'll Need
Dictionary (optional)
Thesaurus (optional)
class="error">Look a
Teaching math is a delicate process because it has to do with teaching
students what essentially is a new language. Educators must figure out
how to present new material to students in a way they will understand.
Teachers design math programs based on the ages of the students, so
the curriculum is grade appropriate and not too advanced or easy. Math
curriculum guides are available to assist teachers in putting together
math programs for their classrooms.Difficulty:Moderately
EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
Math curriculum
Activity materials

Study the math
curriculum guidebook. Take notes on the math lessons you feel are most
appropriate for use

Improving vocabulary helps to develop students' writing skills and
also helps them with reading comprehension and understanding.
Introduce new words and use them in speech and writing. Help your
students increase their word knowledge using a variety of teaching
strategies and methods that are motivating and fun. Lead by example,
always using a variety of different vocabulary and showing your
students that you too extend your vocabulary
knowledge.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Things You'll
Large piece of backing
Brown, sticky-backed paper cut into rectangles
class="error">Demonstrate writing to your students.Digital
The Graduate Records Exam, or GRE, is a qualifying entrance exam for
students wanting to gain admission into graduate school. While the
general GRE tests for basic college-level math skills, the GRE
mathematics subject test focuses solely on mathematics. Preparing for
the math subject test first requires an honest assessment of the test
taker's skills among a broad range of math topics. Then it's a matter
of reviewing and studying materials and taking practice tests to
determine any remaining weak areas that require attention. Useful
materials from former math classes can help refresh your memory, and
the Educational Testing Service, or ETS, provides prep materials and
the practice tests you
Learning style and ability vary in each child. Teaching English and
grammar require knowledge of different learning styles and
methodologies to successfully reach every student in the classroom.
Sometimes called “differentiation,” using many different
teaching methods appeals to the widest possible range of students and
helps improve comprehension and self-confidence by finding their
strengths and expanding on them. GamesGames are always a hit with
children because they allow them to learn in a motivating, high-energy
environment. Split the class into two teams and play word games, such
as hangman, to teach spelling or review for a quiz. Make worksheets of
word scrambles and h
Some parents may choose to acquire home learning tools such as
workbooks, manipulatives, letters and numbers for children to use as
they master early literacy and math skills or purchase complete
learning packages. The parent may create some learning tools and
purchase others. Tools that appear to be toys and games may offer
better learning results than tools than look like work because
children will use them more often. BooksWorkbooks and textbooks can
provide simple, organized materials for parents to use in working with
preschool through primary grade students. The material flows logically
from one step to another in learning the material and the skills. Some
workbooks include answer k
English is the most widely spoken language in the world. Spoken by
millions of people as a first language and by millions more as a
second language, it is language that you can use for travel, business,
study and entertainment. English is already a recognized international
language for science, aviation and business, and many countries have
signs in English for travelers who may not speak the local language.
If you intend to study English, you can do so by taking classes in
several different kinds of schools.

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