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Z30 accessories
Guys just a quick questions
any recommended pyhsical/online stores that sell Z30 screen
protectors, good quality and fast shipping. Loving this device a lot,
need to keep it sparkling :)
z10 require blackberry data or iphone data will do? /> 
because ive read in the singtel web that bb price
plans doesnt have the BB flexi lite or wadever. its similar as the
iphone ones.. can anyone clarify. thanks alot as it might affect my
decision to get a z10
Z10 Battery Life
I'm upgrading my photo
this Sunday under Singtel. I'm in a dilemma between z10 and xperia Z.
I have fell in love with z10's gesture based OS . But I have countless
nightmares about Z10's battery. Heres how I used my current phone: />Mostly whatsapp, facebook , instagram , text and emails. I am
schooling right now... I don't have a single game on my phone as I can
get pretty addicted to them xD I don't leave my 3G on for whole
My question to you guys is that can my Z10 survive a day
with such usage like mentioned above? I'm new to BB btw:s22:
Z1 & Z Ultra
why is Z Ultra(LTE)
selling lower than Z1 in the open mkt? Is there something i'm missing
out? Based on telco prices, Z1 cost $100 less than Z Ultra.
Z1 USB cover cost $60?!
my USB cover went
missing so i called Xperia Care. The guy quoted me $20 and say bring
it to the Service Center at Bishan J8. I went down, the lady quote me
$60, no spare at the moment and have to leave it for 3 working days
(minimum). They say Xperia Care and them are 2 separate company. I was
like WTF?! I told her how can both sides give different info?! I told
them to leave it there for 3 working days to replace a flap is not
acceptable. So i told them to give me a call when they have the parts
Anyone know where else can i get that replaced and
not for $60?! i find that price is ridiculous for a smal
Z1 screen appear slight dim and yellowish /> 
Hi all Z1 user
would like to ask.. izzit
normal for the screen to appear slight dim and yellowish? />Planning to get Z1 at M1 Suntec.. but after trying 2 new phone, both
phone screen appear yellowish. Then I bring the new phone to compare
side by side with the demo set.. both having the same screen setting
with auto being set to off. Both the new phone appear dimmer and
yellowish as compare to the demo set which is much bright and slight
I went down to M1 @ IMM and tried.. again same as
Is this normal for new Z1 or is there any special
Z1 not staying in Quiet (Vibrate) mode.
have a brand new Z1... (8 days old)
Model: C6903
Build: 14.1.G.2.267
with (as far as I am aware) the
latest Software.
I've been attending some long meetings - I set
the "Sound" to "Vibrate", switch off the screen
(quick push of the side button).... but on reception of an SMS or
WhatsApp message, the phone switches back to "Sound"..... />and if there is an incoming call - everyone stares at me. />Anyone else confirm this?
Otherwise - love the phone. Seem to
get two days out of it.
Yuandao n80 IPS dual or Onda v811 IPS dual /> 
yuandao n80IPS dual core
onda v811
dual core
help me decide... i can't make up my mind for
i like rk3066 chip because it is better?
but onda
more popular so bigger community support?
price wise onda more ex
abit ~sgd$10
onda use A9 / yuandao use rk3066
both IPS,
hdmi, no bluetooth etc.... same resolution 1024x768
Are you using iOS 7 number blocking function? /> 
Are you using it now?
I am thinking to use it
to block cold calls/marketing calls from numbers that I can see. />I am also wondering, those marketing SMS that we receive, that we
only see the Company name but not the phone numbers, can be blocked
using this function or not.
YouTube crash on iPhone 5 after update to the latest version
To all iPhone 5 user please do not update to
the latest ver 1.3. It will keep crashing and will not activate

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