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YouTube app is now updated to support iPhone 5 /> 
Sharing is caring. It now also support ipad retina
Your must have apps for Nexus 7!
i'm new to Android after using iOS for so long i figured
i'd try out Android to see what the fuss was all about :D so far i've
been pretty happy! Now i got $25 burning in my pocket, time to spend!
:D care to share what are your must have apps???
Btw, i'd
probably need an office app too. Quickoffice vs DocumentsToGo vs
OfficeSuite Pro - any advice?
Is your micro sim tightly fit in your iPad? /> 
Mine is loosely fit and Friday was the first time i
got the no sim installed message, could it be that?
Your local PS3/PS4 games store! Definitely cheapest in town! /> 
Your local PS3/PS4 games store! Definitely cheapest
in town!
We are open online! Selling Brand new PS3/PS4 games at a

remarkably low price!
See and compare for yourself! />Reliable door to door delivery as well! Purchase your favorite game
from your comfortable home and wait for us to deliver it to your
Also please like us on Facebook, search us on
Visit our website, www(dot)dixinggaming(dot)com />Should there is a game you always wanted, but wish to get it at a
lower pric
Your iPhone5 is not backup
Once in a while,
especially early in the morning when I woke up, I saw the following
message on my iPhone5:
"Your iPhone5 is not backup" />what actually happened ?
Is your Ipad 4 as "HOT" as Ipad 3? /> 
As above?
Please share your inputs? As a Ipad
3 user, the heat from my ipad 3 backcase can use to cook raw
Your best price that you have trade in for your iphone to HP
Please state,
1) model and capacity />2) your condition of yr HP 1-10(mint)
2) trade in price $ />3) which neighborhood (plus do not state shop name)
Your 5 Must-Have iPhone apps
My Top 5
iPhone Apps:
- Pandora
- Easy Group
- Shazam
- DropBox
What are yours?
You all prefer Newsloop or Pulses or Flipboard /> 
I find Newsloop the most interactive..
Yoobao vs trent vs anker
Which brand to
buy? Are the sellers in mass order section trustworthy? />Anyway.... For warranty issues.... Wheres their service centre
location for the respective brands?
I google and I can't find it
leh. I know one can do warranty through the seller but I need to have
a contingency option. :o

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