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Zzzz stuck at je station for 20 mins this morning /> 
Thanks for nothing smrt
zzzz see la u all spoof my thread
:(:(:( />kena lock liao........will never know if its open or close
Zzz... What would u do if you are waiting for two of your friends
to finish piakking?
To go party later?
buay loon liao say wana draw first blood post-dinner den proceed to
lim jiu :(
Zzz... Rushing Thru Assignments Now... /> 
Tomorrow night need to hand in.... :(
and studying at the same time is really hard.... I have just 1 more
year to go!! Work hard!!
Zzz panadol flu max damn farking waste money!!!! /> 
Buy from 7-11 overpriced already 10 dollar.... Eat
no use knn I eat 2 tabs a day, today already 2nd days... Flu still no
I go take out the saf flu med chlorprhenarinamine
thingy, small yellow color..
Pop 1 instantly stop
Zzz the new ch8 theme song so crappy /> 
Ahhhhhh where moi gameplan
ZZZ, Burger King chop carrot one
The double
mushroom Swiss burger so freaking small, than the fries so small, the
coke so small also.
Than charge 8+ for meal. Boycott BK Liao
ZZZ ABNN infront of me on bus is fugging SMELLY /> 
CB LA this fugging Abnn really smelly THEN WANT TO
WTF to do sia zzz knn.
Honestly the prob I
have with him is he like to stare stare ppl later lead to fight
(Btw the ang moh he sitting beside oso buay tahan keep look
left and right. Haha.)
this zz kym
would chiu buai peanut icekream
from her :s11:
zz Just lost money due to scoot cso
their freaking pinoy cso said that i had 40kg of baggage
allowance..knn in the end i didnt have at all...seriously wtf sia />I end up go there and had to pay alot more for baggage since it is
on the spot request...
I lost $50 due to to that bugger... />Any1 have similar experiences? Seriously why the fk they cant hire
proper ppl who can speak.

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