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Zuma Mobile Pte Ltd?
Anyone kanna from them
Was surfing around, nothing to do, happened to see
Zuma Mobile Pte Ltd? - StarHub Community - 7882
Zulkarnain told City Harvest worshippers about the situation,
seeking their prayers
"This is a very
challenging time for our eight Church leaders and members, their
families and our Church. Please continue to pray ceaselessly for them
and for the Church,” he wrote."
Will their prayers be
What do you think?
Commissioner of Charities acts
to remove City Harvest leaders
Zuckerberg tops US donations with $1.27b: Report /> 
WASHINGTON (AFP) - Facebook founder and CEO Mark
Zuckerberg was America's most generous donor in 2013, giving nearly
US$1 billion (S$1.27 billion) of his fortune to charity, according to
a magazine report on Monday.
The Chronicle of Philanthropy, which
tracks charitable giving in the United States, said Mr Zuckerberg and
his wife Priscilla Chan gave 18 million shares of Facebook stock,
valued at some US$992 million, to the Silicon Valley Community
The Mountain View, California-based foundation
specializes in investment and management of charitable funds, with so
Zuckerberg sells as Facebook offers new shares /> 
NEW YORK (AFP) - Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg
will sell a chunk of his stake in the company, cashing in some US$2.3
billion (S$2.9 billion), as part of a new share offering by the huge
social network.
A Facebook filing on Thursday said the company
would sell 70 million shares in a follow-on offering to the huge
initial public offering in May 2012.
Of the total amount,
Zuckerberg will sell around 41 million shares, mainly to satisfy his
tax obligations, the company said in a statement.
The 27 million
new shares would raise some US$1.5 billion for the company &
an zua wawa production the female lead.... /> 
always using jesseca liu???
An zua our gov keep on encourage us to work till old old... /> 
Other country government always hope their ppl
retirement early..
Even Many malaysian I know... work till 40plus
can full-stop liao..
To wat they say... Malaysian work in sg the
money go up beri fast...
1 - 3 yrs.. ish can buy car buy
an zua a lot of guys like to eat nekkid? /> 
How come? :(
an zua i notice many guys like to go jog after 12am? /> 
Like 2am etc.. not scare meh?
zuagen and pcc wad diff?
wad diff ah?
An zua at EDMW many people is cursing the NDP speech, but hor at
pinky's facebook...
ish many people praising and
acclaiming how splendid and majestic the speech is...

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