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Keep Mini map static after rotating / zooming with camera
by Miklebud in Game Development
Hi I am making a 2D game, where the Camera is able to rotate / zoom in or out on the camera focus (the player usually). However my game also contains a mini-map, and so far whenever I have to rotate / zoom my camera the mini-map rotates and zooms accordingly. This behaviour was expected, but now I am a little stuck on "un-doing" the changes the view transformation has on my mini-map. What I want t

How can I make my sprite jump up and move forward AT THE SAME TIME?
by xguru in Game Development
I'm new to coding in general, and I'm trying to make a sprite's movements work. For some reason, he can only jump and THEN move, or move and THEN jump, but never at the same time. I'm using InputProcessor and a TiledMap system. Here's some code : @Overridepublic boolean keyDown(int keycode) { switch(keycode) { case Keys.W: if(canJump) { velocity.y = speed; canJump = f

Ogre3D + Bullet (OgreBullet) | Spherical / Relative Gravity
by PliotronX in Game Development
I'm working on an Ogre3D + Bullet project that involves planets in a solar system. For all intents and purposes, I'm looking to give each planet it's own gravity sphere.So far, all I've found are ways to change the "general" gravity Vector3 for the entire scene, but that's it.While I'd hope to add air friction and other physics later on, for now I just want "prioritized" gravity, like in this vide

AndEngine; Box2D - high speed body overlapping, prismatic joints
by snackie in Game Development
I'm trying to make good suspension for my car game, but I'm getting nervous of some problems with it.At the beginning, I've tried to make it out of one prismatic joint/revolute joint per one wheel only, but surprisingly prismatic joint that should only move in Y asix moves also in X axis, if car travels very fast, or even on low speeds if there's setContinuousPhysics = true. This causes wheels to

Should I be using Reach or HiDef profile if I have large spritesheets?
by Techhog in Game Development
I'm working on a platformer in monogame, that I want to use a large number of sprites for making up items and objects in the background. The main spritesheet I've created is 4095x3734, when I tried to convert it into xmb using XNA Content Compiler, I received an error that Reach Profile only supports 2048x2048. I've read that I can use HiDef which will support 4096x4096, which will be sufficient f

What do I need to get an independent developer license for CryENGINE 3?
by Iron Woode in Game Development
I have searched Google and CryEngine forums and I can't seem to get a solid answer to this question.I have seen threads where developers are complaining that they can't sell their game because they can't get a licence after finishing their project.Now, I am considering using CryEngine for my game because I like the royalty system, as it means I do not have to make any upfront payments but I don't

Where can I access the installed Maya Bonus Tools?
by Nate Bedortha in Game Development
I installed Maya 2013 Bonus Tools... checked plugin manager... don't know what plugin to load to use UV Align feature.Where can I access the installed Bonus Tools?

Why does switching to fullscreen produce this graphical glitch?
by Danny in Game Development
I followed this tutorial and things were looking good. However, when switching to Fullscreen from 800x600 using alt-enter, I noticed an error in debug output:DXGI WARNING: IDXGISwapChain::Present: Fullscreen presentation inefficiencies incurred due to application not using IDXGISwapChain::ResizeBuffers appropriately, specifying a DXGI_MODE_DESC not available in IDXGIOutput::GetDisplayModeList, or

How can I create a shader that will reproduce this lighting effect on terrain?
by Andrew in Game Development
Notice the way in which the major light source in each image reflects off the ground, as a function of the distance between the light source and the viewer (?).Is this a (bumped) specular map? The effect is seen all over in World of Warcraft; I specifically remember it on the snow in Dun Morogh, and on the shores of Darrowmere lake. Looking directly toward the sun is required. The effect is also c

Is it possible to develop web-based games using Corona SDK?
by Rast in Game Development
Some clients asked me to develop 2D web-based games and later on they might want to release those games on mobile platforms.I know Corona and I don't want to rewrite my code twice. Is it possible to create web-based games using Corona (the free SDK)?

OnSerializeNetworkView not being called
by HokieGeek in Game Development
I had everything working fine in JavaScript then switched the player controller to C# for the sake of having everything in the same language. RPCs are still working fine.I have a NetworkView on my gameObject, State Sync is set to off, Observed is set to the correct script.I stripped down OnSerializeNetworkView to this :void OnSerializeNetworkView(BitStream stream, NetworkMessageInfo info) { Debug

How can I move an object with the Windows Phone accelerometer? [duplicate]
by Wonderbread in Game Development
This question is an exact duplicate of: How can I control an object with tilt gestures? 1 answer I want to move an object with the Windows Phone accelerometer. If the Windows Phone device is getting tilt to the right, the object should move 50

How do I ensure that perspective and orthographic projection matricies show objects at the same size on the screen?
by redblacktree in Game Development
I am working on a 3d scene editor and would like to show the scene in orthographic projection. My current problem is that I am not sure how to calculate the orthographic projection matrix such that the objects do not appear at a completely different size on the screen.I currently have the following 2 functions for calculating the camera projection matrix.Matrix4.createPerspective = function(fov, a

SharpDX, DX11 and Stencil Buffers
by jald in Game Development
I'm attempting to draw a shape/texture to the stencil buffer and then clip subsequent renderings to that stencil buffer. I've gone through the SharpDX forums and the section on depth stencil buffers in "Introduction to 3D Game Programming with DirectX 11", but it's still not quite clicking. Here are the two DepthStencilStates I'm switching between to attempt to accomplish this effect: var d

Can I make an entire game in Unity 3D for the iphone? [on hold]
by CRaul87 in Game Development
Can I make an entire game in Unity 3D for the iphone without using any Objective - C or Cocoa?

How do I create a 'disable minimap' skill for a StarCraft 2 mod?
by Robert M in Game Development
I would like to make a "disable minimap" type of skill, which when used will make an area of the minimap black (such that you can't see enemies or allies on the map). How can I accomplish this?

How do I get the coordinates of a rotated shape in SFML? [on hold]
by bikefixxer in Game Development
I am trying to get collisions of bullets working, and am using SFML. I am using code to get the position of the points of the rectangle for collisions, however I think there's a way to do this without having to get points but by simply getting the points from SFML, since the shape is a rectangle and the points are stored in that way. Is there a way to do that? Through a combination of getPoint() a

Can I use p/invoke in libraries loaded as assets in Unity Free?
by rajiv in Game Development
I am interested in using utilising third-party libraries in Unity Free.I know Unity can use managed libraries as assets, but only the Pro version supports using native libraries (DllImport within scripts). This thread, however suggests that it is possible to import DLLs in the free version.I would like to utilise native libraries (as a hobbyist I cannot afford the Pro version), but want to do it t

Material System
by compcons in Game Development
I'm designing Material/Shader System (target API DX10+ and may be OpenGL3+, now only DX10). I know, there was a lot of topics about this, but i can't find what i need.I don't want to do some kind of compilation/parsing scripts in real-time.So there some artist-created material, written at some analog of CG.After it compiled to hlsl code and after to final shader.Also there are some hard-coded Cons
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