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font-size: 18px !important;">We have thousands of games available to
suit a wide range of tastes and interests.
Collect dots or eat
others to increase the size. Big mouth eats small mouth! The bigger
you are, the faster you run!
Mouth size on level-up resets to
minimum but its limit increases!
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I'll try to explain this the best I can. I'm trying to create a level
select menu for a game I'm making. The menu is basically a group of
blocks numbered 1-16, similar to something like the Angry Birds menu.
What I've done is created a cursor, basically just an outline to
surround a block, that the user can move to select what level they
want to play. What I want it do is move from block to block instead of
simply moving around on the X and Y axes as it does now. So my
question is, how can I g
Hi I am making a 2D game, where the Camera is able to rotate / zoom in
or out on the camera focus (the player usually). However my game also
contains a mini-map, and so far whenever I have to rotate / zoom my
camera the mini-map rotates and zooms accordingly. This behaviour was
expected, but now I am a little stuck on "un-doing" the changes the
view transformation has on my mini-map. What I want to happen is to
essentially keep my mini-map statically in the same position
throughout the game no
I'm new to coding in general, and I'm trying to make a sprite's
movements work. For some reason, he can only jump and THEN move, or
move and THEN jump, but never at the same time. I'm using
InputProcessor and a TiledMap system. Here's some code :
@Overridepublic boolean keyDown(int keycode) { switch(keycode) {
case Keys.W: if(canJump) { velocity.y = speed;
canJump = false; } break; case Keys.A:
velocity.x = -speed; break;
I'm working on an Ogre3D + Bullet project that involves planets in a
solar system. For all intents and purposes, I'm looking to give each
planet it's own gravity sphere.So far, all I've found are ways to
change the "general" gravity Vector3 for the entire scene, but that's
it.While I'd hope to add air friction and other physics later on, for
now I just want "prioritized" gravity, like in this video
(link).You'll note that the floor in the video has gravity, but when
he jumps near the spher
I'm trying to make good suspension for my car game, but I'm getting
nervous of some problems with it.At the beginning, I've tried to make
it out of one prismatic joint/revolute joint per one wheel only, but
surprisingly prismatic joint that should only move in Y asix moves
also in X axis, if car travels very fast, or even on low speeds if
there's setContinuousPhysics = true. This causes wheels to "shift
back", moving them away from axle.Now I've tried to add some bodies
that will keep it in
I'm working on a platformer in monogame, that I want to use a large
number of sprites for making up items and objects in the background.
The main spritesheet I've created is 4095x3734, when I tried to
convert it into xmb using XNA Content Compiler, I received an error
that Reach Profile only supports 2048x2048. I've read that I can use
HiDef which will support 4096x4096, which will be sufficient for my
requirements, but I am a bit concerned about what the potential
pitfalls will be - will le
I have searched Google and CryEngine forums and I can't seem to get a
solid answer to this question.I have seen threads where developers are
complaining that they can't sell their game because they can't get a
licence after finishing their project.Now, I am considering using
CryEngine for my game because I like the royalty system, as it means I
do not have to make any upfront payments but I don't want to have to
get through the game and then find that I Crytek refuse to give me a
license bec
I installed Maya 2013 Bonus Tools... checked plugin manager... don't
know what plugin to load to use UV Align feature.Where can I access
the installed Bonus Tools?
I followed this tutorial and things were looking good. However, when
switching to Fullscreen from 800x600 using alt-enter, I noticed an
error in debug output:DXGI WARNING: IDXGISwapChain::Present:
Fullscreen presentation inefficiencies incurred due to application not
using IDXGISwapChain::ResizeBuffers appropriately, specifying a
DXGI_MODE_DESC not available in IDXGIOutput::GetDisplayModeList, or
article about DXGI and ful

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