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Notice the way in which the major light source in each image reflects
off the ground, as a function of the distance between the light source
and the viewer (?).Is this a (bumped) specular map? The effect is seen
all over in World of Warcraft; I specifically remember it on the snow
in Dun Morogh, and on the shores of Darrowmere lake. Looking directly
toward the sun is required. The effect is also commonly on the surface
of water in RL and in CG. Specifically, I want to build the effect
Some clients asked me to develop 2D web-based games and later on they
might want to release those games on mobile platforms.I know Corona
and I don't want to rewrite my code twice. Is it possible to create
web-based games using Corona (the free SDK)?
I had everything working fine in JavaScript then switched the player
controller to C# for the sake of having everything in the same
language. RPCs are still working fine.I have a NetworkView on my
gameObject, State Sync is set to off, Observed is set to the correct
script.I stripped down OnSerializeNetworkView to this :void
OnSerializeNetworkView(BitStream stream, NetworkMessageInfo info) {
Debug.Log("test");}To top it off, the exact same Javascript that was
working fine before now
This question is an exact duplicate of: How
can I control an object with tilt gestures?
1 answer
I want to move an object with
the Windows Phone accelerometer. If the Windows Phone device is
getting tilt to the right, the object should move 50 pixel to the
right. The same with the other three directions left, up and down.How
I am working on a 3d scene editor and would like to show the scene in
orthographic projection. My current problem is that I am not sure how
to calculate the orthographic projection matrix such that the objects
do not appear at a completely different size on the screen.I currently
have the following 2 functions for calculating the camera projection
matrix.Matrix4.createPerspective = function(fov, aspect, near, far,
result) { if (typeof result === 'undefined') { result = new
I'm attempting to draw a shape/texture to the stencil buffer and then
clip subsequent renderings to that stencil buffer. I've gone through
the SharpDX forums and the section on depth stencil buffers in
"Introduction to 3D Game Programming with DirectX 11", but it's still
not quite clicking. Here are the two DepthStencilStates I'm switching
between to attempt to accomplish this effect: var
defaultDepthStencilStateDescription =
DepthStencilStateDescription.Default(); defaultDept
Can I make an entire game in Unity 3D for the iphone without using any
Objective - C or Cocoa?
I would like to make a "disable minimap" type of skill, which when
used will make an area of the minimap black (such that you can't see
enemies or allies on the map). How can I accomplish this?
I am trying to get collisions of bullets working, and am using SFML. I
am using code to get the position of the points of the rectangle for
collisions, however I think there's a way to do this without having to
get points but by simply getting the points from SFML, since the shape
is a rectangle and the points are stored in that way. Is there a way
to do that? Through a combination of getPoint() and getGlobalBounds()
I am interested in using utilising third-party libraries in Unity
Free.I know Unity can use managed libraries as assets, but only the
Pro version supports using native libraries (DllImport within
scripts). This thread, however suggests that it is possible to import
DLLs in the free version.I would like to utilise native libraries (as
a hobbyist I cannot afford the Pro version), but want to do it the
supported way so I don't have to worry about Unity 'fixing' this hole
if that is what it is.

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