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Since there is no timeout for responce in windows phone xna version of
WebClient i need to implement one. The idea is to make MyWebClient
derived class from WebClient with timer. But i got stuck on it.Is
there any way to implement timer here without using Update for every
instance of MyWebClient so that i can use it like WebClient?
I have created a sprite sheet of which consists of six frames of a
character whose legs move each frame. Now I have written code so that
the animation is running successfully from frame one to frame six,
however I am trying to reverse this so then instead of looping back to
frame one after the last frame, the animation moves backwards from
frame six to frame one and then repeats in a continuous loop.I handle
the animation currently like this:void SpriteGame::Update(int
tickTotal, int tickDel
I need to have someone do animation work for an iOS game I'm
developing (using cocos2d), however this person does not have a Mac
and as such cannot run Xcode.Is there a way for them to create
animations for me without the use of Xcode?
I'm trying to implement buttons into my game. I noticed iOS has the
UIButton class, which I tried, but upon drawing it nothing is shown.
The asset image is properly loaded, I've checked this. The SpriteBatch
isn't drawing on top of the buttons either. Draw is properly being
called on every frame. The button's enabled property is set to
True.The code, simplified:private List buttons;public void
AddButtons() { UIButton b = new
UIButton(UIButtonType.Custom); b
I am trying to create a Color Picker similar to that of MS
Paint.Unfortunately, I can't figure out the algorithm for
saturation.This is what my current algorithm creates.Anytime I try to
perform a saturated effect going down on the Y axis, it just makes
everything after the first line completely red or black.
I work wwith XNA Monogame, i made a game for windows phone that i want
to port on windows 8. But touchPanel and windows don't correspond. I'm
stuck with mouse event. I want to reproduce these : touchCap =
TouchPanel.EnabledGestures = GestureType.Tap |
GestureType.DoubleTap |
GestureType.FreeDrag; while
(TouchPanel.IsGestureAvailable) {
Here is a video of Amiga arcade pool
game:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zTQIPFBUFIg I am making a similar
game with C and Gtk+3.0 but I don't know how to show balls 3D movement
on 2D plane!I guess there is some tricks with changing image of the
ball but I don't know exactly what to do.I can move the balls on 2D
plane but I can't show their rotation!how did they show 3D movement of
ball in Amiga's pool game?
I'm trying to do deferred tiled shading in OpenGL using the compute
shader but I have hit a snag when trying to create the frustum for
each tile. I'm using AMD's Forward+ demo (written in D3D) as a guide
but lights seem to be culled when they shouldn't.This is my (complete)
compute shader: #version 430 core#define MAX_LIGHTS 1024#define
MAX_LIGHTS_PER_TILE 40#define WORK_GROUP_SIZE 16struct PointLight{
vec3 position; float radius; vec3 color; float intensity;};l
I've been working on a game, and I've been using Python with Pyglet to
create it. I had an issue on how I could do effective tile based
rendering. I tried cocos2d, however the API is very efficient and
doesn't support maps which are larger than 1000x1000 tiles. I did some
further research, and found you could make it so when you triggered an
update, only sprites on the edge of the screen would update, however
it is still buggy (it's not fully working).Here is my code, and here's
some relevant
This question already has an answer here:
Should actors in a game be responsible for drawing themselves?
4 answers
I'm a
beginner in game programming, and I want to start with Java (in which
I have a strong background I think) and LWJGL. I want to create
tile-based games.Let's say I have an object named Tile, like this :pub

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