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I'm going crazy with dll files.Everytime when i install a game ( all
the games ) l have a problem with isdone.dll. I've formated the
windows many times and tried many many solutions and i tried to
install the games on my Friends's pc and it worked without any
problems.I even tried to change the pilote of the graphic card and
without any success. I think that there is a problem with the ram.I
use avast antivirusi have Nvidia gtx 650 4g Ram Windows 7 64
bitsWinrar/net frame work 4.0c++2
I'm playing around with random map generation and what I want to do
is:Input a command to generate a random map.A texture will be created
resembling the generation, each pixel resembling each tile.A new
window will pop-up, without removing the original one, that will
contain the texture.I know how to do this except for the last part.
Would someone please tell me how to create a new window and draw a
texture to this window?
I'm writing a small program which display some object from Bezier
patch data. I saw a Bezier patch data which modelling an elepent in
this link I want to ask you where I can find models like this
elephent. Thanks so much!
I have a bunch of variables that should be initialized then my game
launches, but must of them are never initialized.Here is an example of
the code:MyClass.hclass MyClass : public BaseObject {
DECLARE_CLASS_RTTI(MyClass, BaseObject);
...};MyClass.cppREGISTER_CLASS(MyClass)Where REGISTER_CLASS is a macro
defined as follow#define REGISTER_CLASS(className)class
__registryItem##className : public __registryItemBase { virtual
className* Alloc(){ return NEW className(); }
I'm creating a game that utilizes off center projection. I've got my
game set up in a CAVE being rendered in a cluster, over 8 PC's with 4
of these PC's being used for each eye (this creates a stereoscopic
effect). To help with alignment in the CAVE I've implemented an off
center projection class.This class simply tells the camera what its
top left, bottom left & bottom right corners are. From here, it
creates a new projection matrix showing the the player the left and
right of their world
I have many diffrent animations made with flash.I can make it as
(1).SWF, (2).GIF or as (3).PNG (every Frame per second).Searched in
google... but coudn't find anything usefull.SWF: For SWF i need Flash
on the android phone... this is something new to me and because of
that i woudn't prefer a solution with that.-> I heard that Flash is
not supported on Android for a long time, so this does not work.GIF:
If that is possible it woud be very nice. I'm thinking of something
like "animation1.s
May be it's asked before also but I couldn't find any good
answer.Please tell me how this can be implemented with
UILongPressGestureRecognizer?A user drags a sprite from X location to
Y location. Then it waits at Y location (touch is not ended yet) for 1
or 2 secs and release the touch i.e touch is ended. In this case,
shouldn't following states be triggered in below order for
i just started developing using box2d on flixel and i realise the
pivot point of the rotation of an object in box2d is set to the center
of an object. i had read on forums and i found out that SetAsBox can
change the pivot point of the object, however, i cannot seem to get it
work to rotate about a point.what i would like to achieve is to rotate
an object about a point like earth revolving around the sun. any one
can help me with it? really thanks a lot and sorry for the bad english
I'm attempting to develop a Mortar that needs to lead it's shot to the
target enemy. The shot will have a pre-determined constant flight time
of (2.5 seconds) and it will have where the enemy should be after that
time (if the enemies motion is constant).I'm struggling to figure out
the proper equation to get initial velocity (and fire angle required)
from just the distance from the predicted location, and the amount of
time taken (2.5 seconds).
I am about to implement my first big 3D-Map in a game.It is a huge
mall, with only one floor and no doors to the shops.I am concerned
about the performance. Should the whole map be ready all the time (For
example, when you are at the lower right corner of the map, should all
assets be available at the upper left corner)?How should I manage

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