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I would like to copy video files from my old Samsung DVD-recorder
(DVD-HR775) to a PC or any external HD. On the DVD-recorder HDD have
been stored a lot of family videos, converted from VHS, and the
originals do not exist any more.
Does anyone have an idea or
suggestion how technically these files could be copied or

Hi i just got a router that i cant get working.. but i cant get
them to work together. i enter into the setup screen and just cant
complete the setup to get onto the internet. its a zyxel p-335 modem.
any help confuigering this or any pointer will be much apreciated. i
did follow the manual and got into the setup screen but it has lots of
options and i just want 2 computers on broadband cable. please

Could any one help solve this problem
i m connecting to PTCL
DSL from my laptop and its working properly without any configuration
but when i am insrting the same line into my PC (windows XP) cann't
connecting to internet

Okay I have a Zx5000 laptop with a pentium 4 and 1.2 gb of ram and
have been having problems with it lately

a little while ago the
laptop kept on giving me a blank screen on boot, it would just sit
there forever and nothing, but everything powered on, lights cd drives
fans everything. so i found out after that that if i turn it off and
on over and over again it would WORK, and if i turn it off and let it
sit for about 1 minute or so it would come back on without a problem,
anymore than that and the problem comes back

when i can finally
get it on and put it on standby and leave it for a while it happens
again, but this time its on standby with a blank screen

so a mo


This is my first post so appologies in advance.

Does anyone know what the process zvsarc.exe is I have tried to
google it and get no useful results. I noticed one of my XP machines
has been contantly downloading and uploading to the internet and have
tracked it back to the "zvsarc.exe" process.

I have dissabled
the process and resumed normal network traffic however would like to
know what the process is and what it does. Any help will be


I will open up by saying that the computer was dropped yesterday
from a low level and it cracked a little piece of plastic. I turned
the computer on rigt after that to check it and it worked and
continued to work for the 2.5 hours of use(plugged into a power
inverter in a car, which has never given me problems before but
thought Id mention it). After the drive I tuned it back on, on
battery power at home and it continued to work fine. Left it to go
into hibernation mode, which im assuming it didnt because it seems as
though the battery was dead when i got to it this morning. Well I
tried to plug it in to charge and to use it and all that happened was
the power light on the front flash

Last week Apple and Microsoft released their fourth quarter MP3
player sales figures, which Apple chooses to call its first quarter
for some odd reason, and the numbers were a startling contrast. On one
hand you had Microsoft with a 54 percent drop off in sales from the
fourth quarter last year. On the other, you had Apple, selling a
record number of iPods (again).

Somewhere Steve Ballmer must be
banging his head against a wall wondering if his company will ever
catch a break, while Steve Jobs convalesces contentedly knowing his
company continues to grow in spite of economic conditions that would
suggest that people would stop buying expensive little gadgets.

Microsoft Zun

Ok I am having problems with my zune not connecting to my computer.
I go into the device manager and I look at the driver for the zune
and it shows a code 10 error. Could anyone give me an idea on how to
fix this.

hello i am having problems installing my zte broadband in ubuntu
12.04 or even fedora 17. can anybody help out.

can I fit one and where does it go?
newbie needs help!

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