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'evening everyone,

Long time since my last post, I've been
good and kept machine tidy with DaniWeb recommended tools. Daily and
weekly updates and manual and auto scans with AdAware, Spyware
Blaster, AVG, Spybot, Panda, all of them..outcome allways "0", PC has
been cleaner than baby's fresh dipers.

I noticed above average
decline in speed and overall performance lately, machine has been
literally dragging itself through web, icons and frames diyplaying one
by one sometimes. Days ago I got the firts warning about full-disk.
Cleaned the excess and gained some 400MB. Next day the same story,
cleaned another 200MB of apps, only having to repeat that two more
times, with not mu


This may be an extremly stupid question but I have
tried and tried. I am using one computer as a internet gateway,
feeding into an ethernet hub and then going to other computers in my
house. I can't get Zone Alarm is enable internet access across the

Does anyone know how to get Zone Alarm to do this?

Thanks for your time,



I was just wondering if anybody had heard anything
about this security suite. I seem to be thinking that it doesn't work
as well as it portrays it self. It seems that it doesn't work very
well...its more for blocking hackers and spywarwe........but isn't
very good with viruses. has anyone else had this problem or has heard
about this????

Hi all. Just bought Zone Alarm Security Suite and now my mns doesnt
work :sad:! I have gone to program control -> programs and allowed
everything under "MSN Messenger" & "MSN 7" but niether choose to
work! does anyone have Zone Alarm working with MSN? Mine used to
before i upgraded from the firewall only program! How can i get msn to
work again?

many thx in advance

A number of users are reporting that the new Kaspersky AV component
in the latest ZoneAlarm Security Suite 7 is broken. And broken in such
a way as to leave your system unprotected while appearing to be fully

The problem manifests itself after a successful
installation with the AV engine corrupting during a system signature
update. Once corrupted it simply fails to offer any protection at all,
although the user will be none the wiser of this unless they happen to
put their protection to the test.

Something as simple as
running an EICAR file past the scanner will do the trick.

numerous complaints in the tech support forum, I thought I would

Hello - I recently reformatted my Windows XP with a disk from 2002.
Within 30 seconds of hooking up my DSL modem, I'm flooded with
popups, spyware, etc etc. So, I installed ZoneAlarm's 15 day free
trial so I can d/l all the windows security updates with at least some
protection. My problem is there are some sites where I need the pop
ups and ZA is blocking them (pogo for example :cheesy: ). I need to
know how to allow certain popups. I've "approved" this site, but
still get popups blocked. Holding down the Ctrl or Alt key does NOT
work. I've searched ZA's help section, but it's like reading Greek -
not very simple to me at all.


Should I "allow" or "Deny" Zone Alarm to access the internet for
svchost.exe, lasass.exe, csrss.exe, and there are two or so more.

Also Internet Explorer seems to be fairly buggy, and my
computer seems to lag a bit.

My specs are 3.0Ghz Pentium 4,
512MB or RAM, and I'm running Windows XP Home Edition.

Zone Alarm displays an internet-zone network named after the
computer's ethernet adapter. The IP range on this network (which is
not editable) overlaps the range used by the router when it assigns IP
addresses via DHCP. Occasionally, a PC on the network gets one of
these overlap addresses (i.e., and then it cannot use
the network.

How does one reset/edit the IP range of the
internet-zone network that corresponds to the ethernet adapter?

Other facts: 1) disabling ZA fixes the problem 2) when
router-assigned addresses are not in the internet zone range, all
works fine. 3) Ping always works for all pairs.

Ok, I should have came here first and asked my question but i
stupidly thought the zonealarm forums would be able to help me. Alas
i was wrong and will never err again...

I see on my ZA
log that there are a few connections, incoming and outgoing from
svchost.exe. Was wondering if i could get some help in figuring out if
this is an issue or not. I know they are blocked so I am safe, but
what are they trying to do?

program: svchost outgoing to
IP blocked

program svchost incoming
from IP blocked

program svchost incoming
from IP blocked

program svchost incoming from
IP 69.26.

Starting @ 6am P.T. this link will be active 24hrs for this free DL
(Includes a full year sub of ZA)


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