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ZoneAlarm Problem !!!

ZoneAlarm blocked ICQSRP.exe from accessing the internet. I can't seem to find out what this does or what it's for. Any help?
Do I need add This to my Zone Alarm Program icqSRP?

ZoneAlarm/ IE6 problems

First of all, Happy new year, an hi to every one. I`m new here. I run XP proffesional SP2 . 2.0 GHZ cpu and 512MB ram. I also use the latest Zonealarm pro. I`m not sure when the problem occured, but I can not find anything wrong with internet explorer. Some sites on internet do not show properly. Some ads dont show as they should. Sometimes I get a 404 error message where the add should have be

ZONEALARM!!!!!!!!! help needed

well after hours i figured out taht the reason i cant share printers is cuz of zonealarm. (it has to be shut down to work). so i figured well ill configure it so that it will accept the ip address. well i THOUGHT i did that but apparently i didnt. on the remote computer i see the comp with the printer but i cant use it. yes i could when zonealarm was down. i got the ips through outlook cuz whe

Zone alarm GOING CRAZY...

i recently installed zone alarm a few hours ago and it has blocked1180 intrusions and 10 of which were serious... all from diffrent IP's what the heck should i do

Zonealarm Firewall Blocking?

HI, I Alltel DSL to get connected to AOL. I use Zonealarm Firewall. Avast anti-virus. I recently started to use videophone thru my D-link router that is connected thru my computer. I didnt have any problem til now get to where sometime I cant get online at all or some time I can get online from my computer and videophone, I cant get connected from there. I turned off zonealarm firewall and it d

ZoneAlarm dosent like hotmail

hey folks, new guy here.
ok, Im running an Athlon 1.2, XP, and ZoneAlarm Pro. I can get to the msn homepage, but when I click on hotmail, to log in, all I get is a blank IE screen that says done at the bottom (status bar). if I turn Zonealarm off, I can access it fine. I have tried changing every setting, and checked all the program accesses. ZoneAlarm gives the option to give or deny

zonealarm, dial-up and "cough" roings

it would appear that "i've" installed that damn roings engine thing on this computer, zone alarm has stopped working, even tho i've re installed it several times and my dial-up

connection is poorer than the poorest connection that ever was poor, i have to restart the computer if i want to do anything online because after a while it seems to gum up and stop


they're p

ZoneAlarm conflicts with Home Network

I have 2 computers connected with crossover cable, dialup on one for connecting to the internet. When my ZoneAlarm is on ...on the Host computer, the client computer gets no internet. When I turn off ZoneAlarm, it gets the internet. I have set IP address in the Trusted sites of ZoneAlarm for the Client computer's IP. How can I make my ZoneAlarm compatable with internet to the Client compu

Zone alarm blocking internet connection

Can anyone help me with this, zone alarm has totally blocked my internet connection, everytime i log on zone alarm brings up a message that says zone alarm has blocked internet access to your computer. I have checked the settings and the internet lock tab is set to off, i have even try setting access to medium level and it still blocks my connection. I have been using zone alarm for 5 months no

Zone Alarm/Ad Ware, Microsoft Anti Spyware

A freind of mine has a issue with the HOME PAGE being hi jacked.Which version of Zone alarm should i use?

Is it a fix to this, can it run in conjunction with Ad Ware & the Microsoft Anti Spyware program?????

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