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Zone alarm !!

Zone alarm has detected 1362 intrusions since 2-2-04. Is that a false figure so that I'll buy the program(I'm using free trial version). Or am I so popular ;) on the internet?

zone alarm !

My computer (xp) will not stop scanning. When I look at the task manager it always says scanning process 35572K. I have a little program that tells me it's a zone alarm thing. I have read a bunch of info but am still at a loss as to get rid of this thing. It is NOT in my add remove programs listing. When I shut the scan down manually it comes right back..............damn this thing...........an


users in a NAT (e.g ipnx.com) always access a site named yahoo.com. What type of Zone can i create for yahoo.com to make name resolution more efficient.

Zlob Trogen...

hey guys, ummm im not that good with computers so i needa bitta help here... i think i have a virus or spyware or sommat. i have an annoying Security toolbar on Internet explorer. when i click on it it takes me to a few different antivirus webpages, antivirgear.com, antispywear golden and systemdefender.com. It also keeps trying to change my homepage and when i click on internet explorer it doe

Zlob DNSchanger

Had a problem during the week where webpages were being redirected. None of my tools would run (Spybot Search & Destroy, HijackThis etc) any website I tried to visit for updates to AV also failed. I checked Hosts file and nothing strange there. I finally changed the Spybot exe to a new name and added an IP entry in Hosts for their site to get updates, Spybot started and found Zlob DNSChange

Zlob.Trojan - HijackThis log

Hello to all. First of all I would like to thank you in advance for trying to help me!

The problem is the following: Yesterday I ran a scan with SpyHunter and it found 25 entries in my registry of the trojan Zlob. After removing them, I cannot open any Taskbar and Start menu items. Here is the Hijackthis log:

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 2:20 PM, on 6/6/2007

zlob.dnschanger ????????

am having issues with a trojan zlob.dnschanger.
it redirects google and other searches, an i tjhink it isnt letting avg update.
I have used spybot s+d which finds and deletes the trojans but they always come back.
I have tried formatting the hard drive and reinstalling windows then running spybot but its still there???

all i have installed after windows is avg 8 free, spyb

zlob.czc TROJAN

whats a good free program or way of ridding zlob,czc trojan ?:eek:

Zipped Mandrake ISOs?

Does anyone know where I can find the 3 ISO images for Mandrake Linux in zip or gzip files? If there aren't any, can someone please zip them up and email them to me? mmiikkee12@gmail.com

And I thought I'd never use up more than 3 megabytes of email space... this is where Gmail comes in handy. :)

Zip password cracker

HI....I have struck up with my memory power.....

I have a zip file with me which is protected with a password....but unfortunately I forgot the password...It's now very important to me...

Could anyone please help me in it to find a free software to resolve it...Even if I can get starting letters of password....I will be very pleased.....

Any reply could be appreciate

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