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I have an RJ45 retractable Zip Linq crossover cable, is this enough
to play multiplayer games (such as Starcraft) and send files? If so,
how do I connect the computers? 'Cause yesterday I saw things saying
they had CAT5 and RJ45, what's this all about? Please help!


Please when I wille to unzip the file.zip, I have
this message :

End-of-central-directory signature not found.
Either this file is not
a zipfile, or it constitutes one disk
of a multi-part archive. In the
latter case the central
directory and zipfile comment will be found on
the last disk(s)
of this archive.

If you can help me ?

The best

OS is the Windows vista starter. My friend sent me a zip compressed
file comprising videos. So when I clicked open - it prompted me to
choose which program I wanted to open the zipped file in. Since it was
video files, I clicked on the Windows Media. Windows media could not
recognize each file but I think reads it as a compressed file... so it
gave me an error message.

Now every .zip files that I download
(be it videos or not), I'm obliged to open it with windows media
player. How do I revert back to the way it was where I would double
click and see each file inside the zipped folder??

I think I
need to change the "open with" program under the properties, but I
don't know

:lol: Helloo friends what can i do for password protect zip folder

First of all, I would like to apologize if I have posted this in
the wrong forum. If I have made this mistake, please tell me where
this should be placed and I will quickly fix that.

Okay, now to
the problem. I downloaded a zip file and extracted it into a file
called Game on my desktop. I extracted it. There is an executable file
along with a bunch of folders. I put and extracted other zip files
into the folders I just mentioned. Then, I tried to run the executable
file and got this message:

/home/amber/Desktop/Game/ePSXe/ePSXe.exe />[/home/amber/Desktop/Game/ePSXe/ePSXe.exe] />End-of-central-directory signature not found. Either this file is


Current scenario: When user downloads file from web
browser having extension .zip or .rar the user is prompted with save

Requirement: When user downloads file having .zip or
.rar extension the we browser should not prompt for the save dialog
but rather open the file directly in winzip or winrar.

Is there
any way i can acheive this without using the third party tool???

I recently installed my zip 650 cd-rw drive on a newer computer
with windows xp. I did not install the roxio software (easy cd &
direct cd) because Iomega says it will not work on xp, and Iomega is
too cheap to support us with download upgrades! I can buy a new Drive
for less than their software!

I also installed a samsung
SH-S182M cd-dvd writer, and the Nero 6 software which came with

My zip 650 seems to work with nero except I cannot eject a
cd-rw by using the external eject button on the drive. I can eject by
right clicking the drive in my computer and clicking eject. However,
the external eject button will work on a cd-r.

This drive
worked fine on

Did you hear that one of the web's most popular web-based
collaboration suites, Zimbra, was purchased by virtualization leader,
VMware? Zimbra customers like the idea of VMware owning the software
suite. Industry observers have differing opinions on the topic.
Formerly owned by Yahoo, Zimbra now has the advantages of VMware's
marketing engine and huge customer base behind it. So, what's the
downside? Is this VMware-Zimbra connection a good idea?

I think
everyone wins in this situation. I know, this is a departure for me.
Perhaps it's the new year, the new decade or that this is one of those
rare situations that makes sense from every angle.

It's good
for Yahoo, because the

The ziggytv icon is already at desk, but each time I try to onstall
it, pops up a window saying "ziggytv is not a valid Win 32
I´ve already installed Java, but happens the

Botnets are bad for business, and that's the bottom line. The news
that a botnet called Kneber has infected 75,000 computers including
government and business machines has been spreading online. But while
many, if not most, of these reports are claiming that Kneber is a new
botnet the truth is that actually it is nothing of the sort. Not that
the revelation that Kneber is actually just another Zeus variation
will be of any comfort to those who have fallen victim to the thing,
of course. Victims such as, according to security outfit NetWitness
which first reported the outbreak, the 68,000 stolen corporate logins
for example, or the 2000 SSL certificate files, or how about the

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