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Walnut Creek CA, 05-FEBRUARY-2016 - Congruent Chiropractic and
Dr. Trevor Minton are pleased to announce that the chiropractic
methods which they offer are effective for hundreds of patients in the
community. The  title="" target="">Walnut Creek Chiropractor uses only
natural and non-invasive techniques which do not rely on drugs to
eliminate symptoms of pain. Because chiropractic methods encompass
more than just pain cessation, community residents improve overall
wellness levels in the area.

Whether the
initial consultation with the doctor comes as a response to pain in
the patient, or whether is is a general desire to feel better overall,
the chiropractic philosophy is effective in promoting health. The
doctor can identify therapy for a specific patient, or can speak to
groups about more general wellness level improvement. The educational
sessions can be tailored to an age group or to interests of the
particular audience.

When the emphasis
becomes focused on wellness, rather than eliminating the symptoms of
illness or debilitating conditions, the overall health of the patient
and the wider community improves. The body is able to support a level
of health which begins at the cellular level. Good circulation,
appropriate nutrition and stress reduction methods are all ways to
improve health. In addition, in the person who gets adequate sleep and
has good posture, overall health is

A person who practices improved
wellness methods will have a better quality of life and may also live
longer. The chiropractor offers principles which are proven to be
effective in raising the community health level, as well as the
individual wellness.

Learn more about
improving the wellness quotient of the community by checking out the
web pages at target="">http://www.congruentchiropractic.com today. Members
of the press and individuals who have more questions regarding the
contents of this press release are urged to contact Dr. Minton at the
location provided below.

Contact person name:
Dr. Trevor Minton, DC
Company Name: Congruent
Address: 1280 Civic Dr. Suite 111, Walnut
Creek, CA
Contact Telephone Number: (925) 279-4325

Hermosa Beach CA, 03-FEBRUARY-2016 - Kaden Chiropractic and Dr.
Frank E Kaden D. C. Are pleased to announce that they have the
techniques and tools to help locals obtain relief from slipped disc
pain. A slipped disc is the name given to a condition where the spinal
disc bulges into surrounding tissue, causes pain and soft tissue
irritation. The target="">Redondo Beach chiropractic professional doesn't rely on
drugs or surgery to help patients, regardless of the cause of the

A slipped disc is not "slipped"
but is the result of a bulge or rupture in the small cushions or pads
that are located between each pair of vertebra. Compression of the
disc is due to inadequate hydration of the disc. It is often caused by
unequal pressure on the disc itself, caused by pressure of the
vertebral column.

Dr. Kaden, DC begins a
consultation with an examination of the patient in order to determine
the location of the underlying problem and its severity. The
determination of the location may require digital imaging studies, as
well as a physical examination. Restoring the correct alignment of the
spine is the typical first step in the therapy plan for the

When the spinal alignment is
corrected, other steps in the therapy can begin. The exact procedures
will vary, according to the particular patient, location of the
damaged disc and the severity of the condition. The general regimen is
to provide posture correction for patients who need training in
appropriate posture. Some patients require strengthening exercises for
weakened muscle and connective tissue along the spinal

Learn more about correcting pain from
slipped discs by checking out the website at href="http://www.kadenchiropractic.com" title=""
target="">http://www.kadenchiropractic.com today. Members of the
press and others who have further questions about the details in this
press release are urged to contact Dr. Frank Kaden at the location
which follows.

Contact Person
Name: Dr. Frank E. Kaden, D. C.
Company Name: Kaden
Address: 1035 Aviation Boulevard, Hermosa
Beach, CA 90254
Contact Telephone Number: (310)
Fax Telephone Number: (310)
Fayetteville AR, 03-FEBRUARY-2016 - Chiropractic Wellness and Dr.
Quinn DC are pleased to announce that the practice uses the
state-of-the-art methods and equipment to help patients live a more
healthy and pain-free life. The title="" target="">Fayetteville AR chiropractor bases his care
plans on the principles and philosophy of chiropractic care. The
principles include using natural methods which do not require the use
of painkillers or other drugs. No invasive methods are employed to
foster healing.

Identification of the
underlying cause of the symptoms is the first step for the
chiropractor. The doctor doesn't just address symptoms. He looks for
the cause and designs a program to help the patient begin the process
of self-healing. The body is designed to work efficiently and rebuild
damaged tissues which improves overall

Natural methods include spinal
adjustments performed by the doctor. Current technology can help in
assuring the patient that the vertebrae are in correct alignment. The
electrical signals which pass from the brain to the extremities and
other parts of the body are passed through the spinal cord and the
nerve roots which begin at the spine. Removing the subluxations frees
up the channels for electrical system.

elements of chiropractic methods can include massage, exercise,
nutrition, and lifestyle changes. Posture correction can improve
spinal alignment and the right type of exercise improves strength in
muscles and connective tissues. These are techniques which the doctor
suggests, but the patient makes the decision about whether or not to
carry out the methods which can improve the state of

Learn more about new methods and
procedures of chiropractic care by paying a visit to the web pages at
target="">http://www.quinnchiro.net today. Members of the press
and individuals who are in need of further information about this
press notice can contact Dr. Ore Quinn at the location given

Contact Person Name: Dr. Ore Quinn,
Company: Chiropractic Wellness Whole Health
Address: 1678 E Joyce Blvd #1, Fayetteville, AR
Contact Telephone Number: (479)
Email: info@quinnchiro.net
Kent WA, Palmer Chiropractic Clinic and Dr. Brian Bussard, D. C.
Are pleased to announce that patients who are suffering from hip pain
can find solutions from the chiropractic methods offered by the
doctor. Pain in the hip can be caused by structural problems or by
sciatic nerve pain. The title="" target="">Chiropractor Kent WA professional has the
experience and knowledge to determine the cause of the pain and design
an individualized care plan. Chiropractic techniques are free of
invasive or pharmaceutical elements.

In some
instances of hip pain, the joint itself has deteriorated and there is
missing cartilage. The result is bone on bone. This can be a much more
severe and long-lasting problem. Some of the preventative measures
which may help this type of condition include posture correction and
good nutritional balance.

Sciatica is another
major cause of hip pain. In this condition, the sciatic nerve is
compressed in the lower spine due to subluxations. A misaligned spinal
column can put pressure on the nerve roots which lead to the hips and
lower extremities. The sciatic nerve is the major pathway from the
back to the legs. It is the largest and longest nerve in the body.
Sciatic pain will affect one hip and leg at a time, depending upon the
location of the misalignment.

Relief for the
pressure on the sciatic nerve is accomplished by a chiropractic
adjustment to remove subluxations. When the pressure on the nerve is
relieved, the body can begin the process of self-healing. Electrical
signals can pass freely to and from the brain and the extremities.
They are no longer interpreted by the brain as

Learn more about relief of hip pain by
checking out the web pages found at href="http://www.palmerchiropractic.com" title=""
target="">http://www.palmerchiropractic.com today. Members of the
press and those who have questions about the information in this press
notice are invited to contact Dr. Brian Bussard, DC at the location
provided below.

Contact Person Name: Dr.
Brian Bussard, D. C.
Company Name: Palmer
Address: 24837 104th Avenue SE #100, Kent, WA
Contact Telephone Number: (253)
Contact Fax Number: (253) 854-2986
Kent WA, Palmer Chiropractic Clinic and Dr. Brian Bussard, D. C.,
are pleased to announce that chiropractic care has been shown to be
effective against the pain of migraine headaches. The href="http://www.palmerchiropractic.com" title="" target="">Kent
Washington Chiropractors use only natural methods in the care of
patients who suffer from this particularly debilitating headache

There is much study on the topics of
migraine headaches and its causes, but no clear understanding to date.
Research shows that chiropractic methods have been fairly successful
in reducing the severity of the head pain. Because the methods are
natural and do not include pharmaceuticals, chiropractic care is safer
to use than long-term use of prescriptions. There is no risk of damage
to internal organs from the gentle and non-invasive chiropractic

Symptoms of migraines vary somewhat
from person to person. Some people have vision disturbances prior to
the onset of the pain. They may see flashing or pulsing lights. Others
see an aura around objects and people before the pain begins. Nausea
and extreme sensitivity to touch, light and sound is a typical
symptom. For almost all sufferers, extreme pain is the symptom that is
most troublesome.

There are a number of
triggers which are associated with the onset of a migraine episode.
Some of the most common are certain foods, environmental conditions,
some medications and stress. Physical ailments cause some episodes of
pain. Because the triggers are so varied, the therapy plans must also
be flexible in nature. Identifying the triggers which affect a
particular patient and removing those when possible is a customized
process. Over time, the frequency, severity and duration of migraines
typically are reduced.

Learn more about
relief from migraine pain by visiting the web pages at href="http://www.palmerchiropractic.com" title=""
target="">http://www.palmerchiropractic.com today. Members of the
press and individuals who have questions concerning the contents of
this press release are invited to contact Dr. Brian Bussard, DC at the
location offered below.

Contact Person Name:
Dr. Brian Bussard, D. C.
Company Name: Palmer
Address: 24837 104th Avenue SE #100, Kent, WA
Contact Telephone Number: (253)
Contact Fax Number: (253) 854-2986
New York City, NY, 29-JANUARY-2016 - Axon Health Associates is
pleased to announce that area residents who have been the victim on an
automobile accident can go to the professionals at the clinic in order
to obtain relief from pain and healing for any injuries. The href="http://www.axonhealthassociates.com/" title=""
target="">chiropractor offices Manhattan NY location makes it
convenient to arrange a consultation with the doctors. Prompt response
by the chiropractor helps to prevent much of the pain and provide
relief for the painful conditions.

The doctor
will perform an examination to check for location of the injuries. The
examination includes physical checks and digital imaging if required.
The information which the doctor gathers is used to develop a therapy
plan. The methods use natural techniques, rather than drugs or
surgical options. The latter two categories don't provide healing, as
chiropractic methods do.

The therapy that is
designed in the aftermath of a vehicle accident will depend upon the
type of injury. The major categories are soft tissue damage and
structural damage. In some instances, damage to the skeletal framework
results in pain in the nearby soft tissue and nerve roots. Rather than
to mask the pain in the soft tissue through chemical means,
chiropractic methods address the reasons for the pain and enhance
recovery of the underlying injured

Boosting the body's ability to heal
itself is the most appropriate way to achieve long-term results.
Healing of damaged tissues is the goal. Direct action against the
injuries is bolstered by long-term wellness suggestions offered to

Learn more about recovery from auto
accidents by visiting the website at href="http://www.axonhealthassociates.com/" title=""
target="">http://www.axonhealthassociates.com/. Members of the
press and those who have further questions regarding the contents of
this press release are invited to contact the practice at the address
given below.

Company Name:
Axon Health Associates
Address: 120 East 42nd Street, 5th
Floor New York, NY 10017
Contact Telephone Number: (212)
Galesburg IL, 25-JANUARY-2016 - Hayden Chiropractic and Dr.
Jeffrey Hayden D. C., are pleased to announce that the pain of a
slipped disc can be eliminated through the use of chiropractic
therapeutic methods. Although a slipped disc is better known as a
herniated or even ruptured disc, the methods used to alleviate pain
and promote healing are designed to work without the need of drugs or
invasive techniques. The title="" target="">Knox County Chiropractors are
knowledgeable about state-of-the-art methods which are suitable for
back pain regardless of the cause.

of the type of pain which the sufferer endures, the first step is to
determine the exact location and extent of the pain. The methods used
to identify the location include a physical exam, patient history and
digital imaging studies where appropriate. Dr. Hayden DC will use the
information to design a regimen of care for the

Realignment of the spine is often
the first step in pain relief for the patient. When the disc is no
longer compressed, the blood circulation is restored and the disc can
be re-hydrated. Protection against pressure on the disc and on the
nerve endings allows the nerve roots to do the job which they are
designed to do.

Many of the chiropractic
techniques are designed to remove blockages which prevent the body
from healing itself. Proper circulation of the blood brings nutrients
to the damaged tissues and removes the toxins which can build up in
damaged tissues. At the same time, the electrical signals which pass
from the brain to the extremities can flow

Learn more about spinal disc pain
relief by checking out the website at href="http://www.doctorhayden.com" title=""
target="">http://www.doctorhayden.com today. Individuals and
press corps people who have more questions are encouraged to contact
Dr. Hayden at the location provided

Contact Person Name:
Dr. Jeffrey Hayden, D. C.
Company Name: Hayden
Address: 1174 North Seminary Street, Galesburg
IL 61401
Telephone Contact Number (309)
Email: atlasharvard@netscape.net
Seattle WA, 25-JANUARY-2016 - North Star Chiropractic Center and
Dr. Paul Early are happy to report that victims of vehicle accidents
can obtain relief from the pain and injuries. The href="http://www.northstarchiropracticcenter.com" title=""
target="">Seattle Chiropractor has the skills and experience
to identify the location of the injuries and to correctly design a
care plan which will lead to recovery, pain relief and healing of the
injuries. Dr. Early recommends that the accident victim schedule an
early consultation to begin the care

Auto-accident injuries come in many
forms. They are often the cause of skeletal misalignments. When the
injury consists of problems with the vertebral column, the focus of
chiropractic care is to restore alignment so that the electrical
signals are able to move freely back and forth from the brain to the
other parts of the body.

Injuries to soft
tissues are another common result of auto-accidents. The soft tissues
of the body which have been injured are helped to recover through good
circulatory health of the blood system and the lymphatic system. When
the blood is healthy, it can help to restore healthy tissue at the
cellular level. Toxins can be removed through the blood

Improving overall health is a key
element of chiropractic care. Improved health is a function of healthy
cells. Improved nutrition, adequate hydration and exercise are just
some of the elements of overall wellness. Reducing stress, eating
better and practicing good posture won't prevent auto accidents, but
they will result in a body that is healthier and enjoys higher quality
of life.

Learn more about recovery from auto
accidents by checking out the website at href="http://www.northstarchiropracticcenter.com" title=""
target="">http://www.northstarchiropracticcenter.com. Press
members and others who have additional questions regarding the details
of this press notice are urged to contact Dr. Paul Early at the
location listed below.

Contact Person Name:
Dr. Paul Early DC
Company Name: North Star Chiropractic
Address: 820 NE Northgate Way, Seattle, WA
Contact Telephone Number: (206)

World Wellness Health Institute In Philadelphia Is Your Source
For Bioidentical Hormone Replacement

Philadelphia PA, 23-JANUARY-2016-
World Wellness Health Institute and Dr. Daniel Lebowitz MD are happy
to report that local area patients can obtain bio-identical hormone
replacement therapy by visiting the wellness center. The href="http://worldwellnesshealth.com" title="" target="">Philadelphia
Customized Wellness programs are suited to many of the
unfortunate and uncomfortable conditions which people suffer from. The
solutions offered by Dr. Lebowitz are specific to each patient's
ailments. Each patient's make-up is somewhat different so the solution
is designed to fit the needs of the

A range of medicines, including
regenerative, functional, anti-aging and integrative types are
available in a single location. The doctor looks at the entire person
when preparing a therapy plan. The genetic, nutritional, hormonal and
metabolic elements of each person is a unique package. The elements
determine the body's ability to handle all types of stress and its
ability to process the environment and circumstances which surround

Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy
is designed to bring hormone levels into balance for the specific
patient. Hormones are required in the human body to perform all of the
various functions and activities from digestion to fertility. Bringing
hormones into balance throughout the body and with each other is a
matter of fine-tuning the therapy to fit the individual's

Bio-identical hormone replacement
therapy is especially beneficial for men and women in middle age.
These years are known as menopause for women and andropause in men.
Ensuring that the changing hormone levels are brought into balance
allows the patients to be much more comfortable during this period.
The therapy is designed to improve mental, emotional and physical

Learn more about bio-identical
hormone replacement therapy by visiting the web pages at href="http://worldwellnesshealth.com" title=""
target="">http://worldwellnesshealth.com. Press corps members and
others who have questions about the contents of this press release are
encouraged to contact the doctor at the location given

Contact Person Name:
Dr. Daniel Lebowitz, MD
Company Name: World Wellness Health
Address: 111 Presidential Blvd, Suite 159, Bala
Cynwyd PA 19004
Contact Telephone Number: (610)
Contact Fax Number: (855) WOR-WELL

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