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Easy Ways to Reduce Congestion
Nasal congestion is the medical term used to describe a "stuffy nose." The condition is usually caused either by influenza or the common cold. Nasal congestion occurs due to the blood vessels and nasal tissues experiencing swelling due to too much fluid. Often with congestion comes the annoyance of a runny nose. For those suffering from congestion, there are several ways to quickly find relief.

Signs to Look for in an Infected Scar
Even with the best care and hygiene, wounds and scars can become infected. With drug-resistant staph infections reaching epidemic proportions in some parts of the United States as of October 2007, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, remaining vigilant is necessary. DischargeOnce the bandaging is removed, a small amount of discharge is to be expected. The discharge should

Precautions After Tooth Extractions
Dentists remove your teeth when they become decayed at the root and cannot be salvaged, when they become crowded or when wisdom teeth become impacted. Your dentist may recommend tooth extraction to alleviate pain and improve your oral health. The procedure takes place in in the dentists' office or at an outpatient oral surgery center. Proper care after surgeons remove your teeth prevents infection

How to Breathe in Through the Nose
The primary nerves used by your body to regulate breathing are located in your nasal passage. Bypassing those nerves through mouth breathing makes regular breathing more difficult over time. Breathing in through the nose has many health benefits in addition to increasing awareness of airborne smells. When made the primary method of inhalation, nose breathing increases lung capacity, disease resist

Dramamine Directions
As any seasoned traveler knows, various types of transportation from cruise ships to amusement park rides can potentially cause headaches, dizziness, nausea and vomiting. Motion sickness often comes on unexpectedly, starting with uneasiness and ending with vomiting. The travelers most likely to experience symptoms are pregnant women, migraine sufferers and children ages 2 to 12. One of the most ef

What Are the Two Functional Differences Between Erythrocytes & Leukocytes?
Your blood has three principle responsibilities, all functionally different from one another. Erythrocytes provide your body with energy. Leukocytes keep you well and can actually replicate existing antibodies to quickly engulf bacteria that your body has killed in the past. Platelets have nothing to do with oxygen or immunity, but are responsible for blood coagulation. PhysiologyBlood is carri

How to Recognize Types of Bug Bites
Insect bites are a potentially serious problem. Insects like mosquitoes and ticks can pass on serious diseases such as malaria or Lyme disease, while other insect bites are harmless. Recognizing the type of bug bite you have will help you know when to go to a doctor and avoid the diseases and health problems that can certain serious insect bites can cause.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions

The Dangers of Sugar
Are you addicted to sugar? Sugar is seen as a harmless food product which tastes good and gives you a slight mood enhancement. Many people don't even realize that sugar has many harmful effects. What people also don't realize is that sugar is all around you. It may even be added into foods which are otherwise salty because it acts as a preservative. Watch out for unnatural refined sugar because it
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Hayfever Tips
The high temperatures and sunny days of summer can mean misery to those who suffer from hayfever. Hayfever, an allergic reaction to pollen from plants and trees, was first documented in the early 1800s, but in spite of continued efforts there's still no cure. When pollen enters your eyes, nose or mouth your immune system produces histamine, which impels your respiratory system to expel the pollen
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The Influence of Scary Movies on Toddlers
Horror movies viewed by young children can have a significant and lasting effect on them, one that leads to psychological problems including sleep disorders, anxiety and nightmares. Children, including toddlers and those younger than seven, find it difficult to distinguish between fantasy and reality in the images they see, so they may think what they see on the screen is real. HorrorThe horror

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