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Xbox is a popular game console developed by Microsoft. The console not
only allows users to play single-player and multi-player games
offline, but users can also sign up for an Xbox Live account and play
online against people all over the world. To prevent your Xbox from
hogging up your Internet modem, you can set up a wireless router and
your Xbox will then be able to connect to the Internet using that
router.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
router already setup
Wireless Xbox game adapter (can be purchased
from most major retailers)
Xbox Live account or subscription CD
(can be purchased from most major retailers)

off your Xbox.

Most people are familiar with numerology as a predictive tool similar
to astrology but using numbers instead of stars and planets. The
Chaldean system is an obscure but older method of evaluating a
person's birth date and name "vibrations." It was in use long before
the more commonly recognized Pythagorean system, having originated
sometime between the eighth and seventh centuries, B.C., in ancient
Babylonia. Here is how to do your own Chaldean numerology
chart.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You'll
Chaldean number chart
website for Chaldean chart

Doing your Chaldean
ChartWrite down the name you go by on th

A size A6 envelope is one of the most common envelope sizes. It is a
plain, ordinary, everyday 4 3/4-inch x 6 1/2-inch envelope designed
for everyday purposes. When you are tired of the ordinary and want
some postage with pizazz, try making your own envelopes for every
occasion. Amaze your friends and colleagues with creative and unique
handmade envelopes. MaterialsArm yourself with the basic supplies.
A ruler, scissors, glue stick, some spray adhesive, scoring
instrument, and an envelope template provide the starting point. Then
look around and see how creative you can get with materials. Basic
colored card stock or scrapbooking paper, wrapping paper, pages from a
favorite magazine, even
Making lanyards is a standard craft taught at summer camp. Lanyards
are easy to make and make ideal stocking stuffer type of gifts. They
can be used to hold a key ring, cell phone, whistle or most any small
object. These days, clips which dangle from a belt loop on jeans is a
popular accessory. In making your own lanyards, you can make them to
color-coordinate with your wardrobe or make them in colors you simply
like, or perhaps make them in your school's spirit colors. Making a
LanyardStart with two strands of plastic, craft lace, such as rexlace.
Fold them half, together. Make sure each piece is the same
length---the actual length depending on how long you wish to make your
lanyard. Tie
Changing the barrel on an Airsoft rifle to make it longer or tighter
will improve accuracy. Poor quality BBs will jam in a tight barrel,
however. Most automatic electric guns (AEG) come with a default stock
of 6.08 mm diameter. Barrels come as tight as 6.01 mm to 6.05 mm. Some
manufacturers make a 6.04 mm barrel with a special coating, which
increases the feet per second (FPS) by up to 10 times, or
more.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Things You'll Need
head screwdrivers, small and long
Flathead screwdrivers, small and
Torx screwdriver set
Hex key set
Jeweler's screwdriver set
Protective eye wear
class="error">Remove the gun'
Tung oil has been used for centuries as a finish for wood and for many
other purposes.The Chinese used tung oil to waterproof masts and sails
for their junks. The U.S. military used tung oil to coat military
parts during World War II. In addition to being water resistant, tung
oil resists many alkalis and acids as well. Tung oil remains flexible
over time and accommodates the continuous expansion and contraction of
wood surfaces. It also maintains its color while other oils like
linseed oil darken over time. Pure Polymerized Tung OilPure
polymerized tung oil is the best kind for oak refinishing. Wod looses
moisture over time; oils are used to restore wood to its natural
appearance. As t
A table saw allows you to make straight, accurate cuts every time, as
long as the tool is properly maintained. Lubricating the table saw
makes it much easier to adjust.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions
Things You'll Need
Safety glasses
White lithium
Table saw wrench
Scrap of wood
Non-silicon paste
Compressed air

Unplug the table saw for
safety. Remember, even a dull blade can cut, so wear
Remove the blade guard, blade insert and splitter if
equipped. Raise the blade to full height.
Use the table saw wrench
to loosen the arbor bolt. Remember, the table saw has reverse threads
to keep the blade from coming l

Crafts are an excellent experience for children, as they spark
imagination and offer you some quality time to have fun with your
children by making something creative. Wood crafts are especially fun,
and help kids refine motor skills as they piece projects together and
decorate their crafts. There are a lot of safe wood projects kids can
do that don't require cutting or hammering nails into wood at all.
Types of Wood Craft MaterialsProvide children with a variety of wood
items for various types of crafts. Wooden toothpicks and popsicle
sticks are easy to glue together and paint for small projects. Wooden
spoons and clothes pins are also fun and versatile materials.Scrap
wood, such as remn
Laser cutters are quick, accurate and silent. Controlled by computer,
they can cut many materials at speeds up to 500 inches per minute.
They've helped to reduce costs and improve speed of manufacturing in
many different applications. TextilesSheets of fabric for clothing
can be cut by laser. Lower-power lasers, under 100 watts, can cut
these softer materials.
Sheet MetalCutting metal by laser creates
parts with good tolerances. Some metals, besides being hard and dense,
absorb laser energy less efficiently than other materials. This
application calls for higher-powered lasers of over 1,000
PlasticRubber and plastic, being softer than metals, can be
cut to greater thicknesses
You can quickly create a cityscape with a handful of household
materials. Whether these buildings are for a class project, stage
scenery, a model railroad or for fun, there is almost no limit to the
sizes and styles of buildings you can make.Difficulty:Moderately
EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
Pencil and
Cardboard Boxes
Clothes pins or clamps
Saw (optional)
1 by
1-inch wood (optional)
Staple gun and staples
Construction paper or building skins
Die-cast toy
cars (optional)

Design and StructureDesign your
building on a sheet of paper. Decide on a scale (such as 1 inch repres

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