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Taking portraits outdoors is one of the easiest ways to get a
professional-looking, flattering photo everyone will love. Sometimes
the pictures just seem to come out wonderfully without any effort,
while other times nothing seems to work right. By following just a few
basic tips, however, you can ensure your outdoor portraits almost
always turn out well. Focus On The EyesGood portraits are all about
the eyes. If you can see a person's eyes clearly in a photo, it's
almost always considered a quality photo. Unfortunately, many outdoor
portraits don't expose the eyes well because the person is squinting
in the bright sunlight, or because they have dark shadows around their
eyes. Fixing these
One-shoulder dresses are an enduring trend. Depending upon the style,
the dress may be draped and elegant or much more playful. Choose
classic black in a fitted style or bold color accented with ruffles.
The basic construction of most one shoulder dresses is quite simple,
with limited fitting. This makes the one-shoulder dress an excellent
choice for a DIY project, even for a
beginner.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Things You'll
Lightweight fabric
Dress form
Iron and ironing
Hand sewing needle
Contrasting thread
Coordinating thread

How to Make a
One-Shoulder DressAdjust your dress form to the correct size for

Cardboard isn't the first choice in building materials, but it's an
impressive and versatile material that has a wide variety of rainy-day
uses, such as making a paddlewheel-powered toy boat to race in a
bathtub. They're simple to make and can come in a variety of shapes
and sizes.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Things You'll
Cardboard box
Duct tape
Scissors or
utility knife
Rubber band

Design and
BuildingCut a 6-inch-by-10-inch piece of cardboard.
Draw a
house-shaped prow on the boat. This will become the front, or bow of
the ship.
Measure about 1 inch in from both sides at the back
(stern) of the boat, and draw tw

The production of Pfaltzgraff stoneware began in 1811 by George
Pfaltzgraff, a German immigrant who settled in York, Pennsylvania. He
began making salt-glazed jugs and crocks for food storage and later
moved on to outdoor items such as flowerpots and animal feeders. When
consumer needs changed during and after World War II, the company was
savvy enough to switch over to dinnerware, forever changing the face
of the company. While many brides to be still request Pfaltzgraff on
their registries, avid collectors pursue the older pieces. You can
sometimes find them at flea markets, estate sales, the occasional
thrift store and on Ebay. Although new pieces are now made overseas,
collectors seek vi
Roses are symbols of love and remembrance. Learning how to make
artificial roses will let you show loved ones how much you care. They
last longer and are more economical then real roses, making them ideal
decorations for weddings, holidays and other events. Ribbon roses are
especially beautiful and easy to make.Difficulty:EasyInstructions
Things You'll Need
Spool of No. 9 (1½-inch-wide) wire-edged
ribbon in red, white, pink or yellow
Spool of No. 9
(1½-inch-wide) wire-edged ribbon in green
Craft wire
Floral wire
Floral tape
class="error">RosesCut 22 inches of No. 9 wire-edged ribbon for each
ribbon rose needed.
Knot one end
Wa Hoo marble games involve players battling to see who's quickest to
get their marbles around a board and safely home. While the original
game has undergone reinventions through the years and led other
manufacturers to release similar games like Aggravation, Parcheesi,
Sorry! and Trouble, you can play the original in all of its glory
(plus a more recent version.) Basic InstructionsPlay against one
person or three. Place four marbles of the same color in your
same-colored starting arrow. You only can move a marble out of the
starting arrow (or tribal grounds, depending on the board setup/game
version) to the starting position (the space outside the starting
arrow) by rolling a one or six.
In addition to storing wood-stick matches, drawer-style cardboard
matchboxes can become the base for adorable craft projects such as
party favors or baby birth announcements. Use simple crafting
techniques to adorn the boxes with patterned paper and embellishments
that suit the theme, holiday or colors of the project. Fill each paper
drawer with objects ranging from tiny photos to three-dimensional
accents to candy treats so the small boxes make a big impact on the
recipient.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You'll
Double-stick tape
Patterned paper
Candy, photo or accents
Potassium permanganate is a highly toxic chemical and strong oxidizer
that requires careful handling and disposal. The chemical can be
ordered only by laboratories with certification for its use. The
following article covers the important guidelines to treating and
handling potassium permanganate. Safety PrecautionsWhen treating
and handling potassium permanganate, one of the most important
protective precautions is to wear the correct safety attire. Goggles,
proper gloves (double gloving), lab coat and closed-toe shoes are key.
Treatment of potassium permanganate should take place in a properly
working vent hood with a sash.
According to the Material Safety
Data Sheet (MSDS), potas
Kids can make paper boats to float, race and play with. They can also
learn something in the process. Teach them how to use different tools,
such as a compass and ruler, in ways they would never have thought of.
Float the boats in a bathtub or stream when you are
done.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
class="error">Making the BoatMark two dots in the center of the index
card, equidistant from each other and the short sides of the
Put the point of the compass on the dot and draw a circle
around each dot.
Draw a straight line, using the ruler, from the
outer edge of one circle to the other. R
While it's possible to make a boat out of a variety of substances, one
of the last choices is any paper product. Cardboard, for example, can
absorb water and become flimsy when wet. A paper boat won't be
crossing any oceans, but pitting your cardboard creation against the
stiffest competition can be a rewarding and entertaining weekend
activity.Difficulty:Moderately ChallengingInstructions Things
You'll Need
Largest boxes, tubes or pieces of cardboard you can
Caulking gun and
Utility knife
Duct tape
Varnish, paint or
Life jackets
class="error">ConstructionLay out your cardboard and plan th

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