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You can easily cut thin plastic sheets less than 1/16 inch (.063)
thick with a utility knife. Harder clear plastics such as
polycarbonate may require multiple passes with a knife, but the result
will be a clean cut finished edge with no chips or cracks. Softer
colored plastic sheets often require two passes and then must be
snapped on the score line. Whichever type of thin plastic sheeting you
are using, ensure that the knife blade is sharp. A dull blade will not
produce a clean cut in the thin plastic sheet.Difficulty:Moderately
EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
1/4 inch thick plywood
larger than the plastic sheet
Tape measure
Sharp felt-tipped
Sharp utility knif
Paper flowers are fun to make and last longer than real blossoms.
Anything goes as far as color, pattern, size and type of paper. With
simple materials that can be found around the house, make a vase full
of daisies to brighten your room or brighten someone's day. Any age
group can make these daisies for any
occasion.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Things You'll
9-by-12-inch sheet of construction

the sheet of construction paper in half, lengthwise. Draw a line
lengthwise from one end of the folded sheet to the other along the
open, not folded edge, an inch from the edge.
Mark off half-inch
marks along the len

A birdhouse is a not only a great craft idea, but a nice addition to
any tree to increase birds to watch around your home. Birdhouses can
be very complex to simple in design. One of the easiest birdhouse
designs is a round birdhouse.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Things
You'll Need
1 gallon tin can of some
Drill bit with 2-inch hole
2-foot piece of wire

Poke a hole in the center of the top of
the gallon tin can with a knife. Pour the contents out to eat
Rinse the can out thoroughly with water.
Drill a 2-inch
hole in the center on the top of the gallon tin can. Shake

Plaster of Paris is a versatile patching and molding compound that has
been used for centuries in construction, medicine and art. Plaster of
Paris was named in the 1700's after large deposits of gypsum were
discovered near Paris. Now the term is used for any plaster containing
gypsum, sand and water. The compound is easy to use, but articles made
from Plaster of Paris may easily break. However, there are several
ways to strengthen Plaster of Paris to make the medium more
permanent.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Things You'll
Plaster of Paris
Plastic bucket
Spoon or whisk
Paper or cloth fibers
Other ingredients,
depending on method:
Books are heavy. For one thing, they weigh a lot. But, also, they
carry with us the ages of mankind. The ones we own say something about
who we are. Book shelves, then---where books live---are tasked not
only with the duty of holding up all that paper, but with doing
justice to some of our most meaningful possessions. However, because a
bookshelf's practical function is so basic, and because prefabricated
furniture is becoming increasingly expensive even as its quality
plummets, people frequently end up with shoddy bookshelves. You can
escape that by building your own. MaterialChoosing a material for
your homemade bookshelf is the first step. Almost any material will
get the job done, so
When you make your first flight with a new RC airplane chances are you
will have to make some small adjustments to the control surfaces to
obtain level flight. These adjustments are called trimming the
aircraft because you use the trim levers on the transmitter. Flying an
untrimmed plane can be a real challenge; have an experienced RC pilot
with you for the maiden flight.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions
Things You'll Need
RC transmitter
RC plane

Make adjustments on the ground
firstPower on the transmitter and receiver and look over the control
surfaces. Move all trim levers to their center position. Check to see
if the control surfaces are

Cardboard can be used to make nearly anything, including toys,
playhouses and dioramas. The type of glue you use depends on a number
of factors, including the thickness of the cardboard and what it will
be used for. Children should have adult supervision when using
glue.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You'll
Hot glue gun
Glue sticks

Plug in the
glue gun with a glue stick in it. Wait for the gun to heat
Layer the edges of the cardboard you want to glue together.
Remove any debris or dust that could interfere with the
Squeeze the glue gun trigger and lay a thick line of glue
along the length of one of the edges you want to att

If you have some old SLR equipment in your possession, a simple micro
lens can be fashioned from one camera body and two interchangeable
lens of different focal lengths. All that is needed is a filter
adapter that fits into the threads of each lens. Once put together,
this homemade device produces striking results, yet the whole thing
can be disassembled, and each lens can also be used individually at a
later date.Difficulty:ChallengingInstructions Things You'll
SLR camera body
Two lenses of different focal lengths that
fit the camera body
One filter adapter for each

Building An AdapterChoose
two lenses of different focal lengt

A cardboard wishing well is a delightful addition to a baby shower,
birthday party or other special event for children or adults. Guests
write down their wish for the guest of honor on a piece of paper and
place it inside. Guests can either have their wish remain anonymous or
sign their names. After the party is over, the guest of honor reads
the wishes left for them at their leisure. In addition, each of the
wishes can be made into a scrapbook for revisiting later
on.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
Cardboard box
or container with a lid or top (at least 1 foot high, 1 foot wide and
1 foot deep)
Construction paper or wrapping
Cutout let
Picture frames are one way that you can display your photos. The
problem with picture frames is they take up quite a bit of room and
can be quite costly. You can make your own picture holder, that can
hold several different pictures and will take up a fraction of the
space, with a few supplies from the craft store. The best part of a
homemade picture holder is the money it will save you over picture
frames.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You'll
16 Gauge craft wire
Wire snips
Needle nose
Super glue
5 Inch block of Styrofoam
Fabric circle 25
inches in diameter

a Picture HolderTake your craftin

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