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WTT hello kitty dolls (Wiz of OZ and Witch for Frog Prince and
the Ugly Duckling)
Hi all, I got someone to
trade already.
Thanks so much!.
Thread closed.
WTT Amazing spiderman
Hi to all, I would
like to trade my misb hot toys spiderman with your either misb Tony
stark the mechanic or shadow predator. Interested parties plus pm me.
Many thanks.
WTT > Be@Brick/Bearbrick series 25 secret RARE (pic) /> 
Trading Devilman for any other 1/192 be@rbrick in
series 25. Other series 1/192 are welcome too.
Pm me for more
details. />http://i18.photobucket.com/albums/b1...pse7d88c9f.jpg
WTS: Zoids moving on Sale
Hey guys! Been
lurking around this forum for some time. Well, I have decided to move
on from zoids so Im selling whatever small collection of zoids I have
left. All prices are in SGD and Cash on Delivery only. I would not be
shipping to other countries. Contact me at JCGuides@gmail.com for
further enquiries. Thanks in advance! :)
1.)ZGe Rez Tiger (MISB)
2.)Dengeki Hobby Blitz Hornet (MISB) -$15
3.) Zoids
Original Mirage Fox (MISB) -$60
4.)Zoids Original Geno Ritter
(MISB) -$100
5.)Clear Red Horn for King Gojulas (Sealed,brand
new) -$25
6.)NJR Barigator (Built) -$10
WTS zoids (HMM & Tomy)
Hi all,
am helping a friend to sell off his zoids collection. They are not
build, and some boxes might have dents, but all parts and stickers are
complete. (unless otherwise stated) Interested parties please pm me
your contact number to arrange for meet-up. Dealing area will be at
Sengkang MRT, other areas depends.
Please be patient after you
have pm or reply me because of my busy work schedule. @_@
Hate to
put this, but just in case there are disputes, I reserved the final
right to sell the kits to whomever I like. />http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v7...Dus/Box0
WTS: Zoid Energy Liger
Selling for $30.
Contact me at 98756154. />http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y17...g/P6133116.jpg
WTS: Zoid & Armored Core
Selling Zoid
Shield Liger 10th Anniversary for $20. Brand new in box.
Zoid />Selling Armored Core Rayleonard 04-Alicia UNSUNG for $80. Brand new
in box.
Armored Core
Contact me at 98756154.
WTS: Zimbabwe 10 Trillion Dollars Banknote /> 
Huat ah, spice up CNY this year, why not make your
nephew/niece a Trillionaire :p
Selling new and crisp Zimbabwe 10
Trillion Dollars (13 zeroes) notes.
1 pc $3.50, subsequent pieces
$2.50 each. FREE postage within Singapore. />https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/...os/photo-2.JPG
Just do
bank transfer (DBS/OCBC) and I will mail it to you. Orders placed by
27 Jan should reach by 30 Jan. Registered post available at additional
Image is stock. You will get a piece with different serial
PM me with the quantity you want
WTS: Yujin Tikam Fish & turtles & crabs/lobster
Selling a whole set of
fish,turtles,crabs,lobster and etc....
Comes with the display box
too. Selling all for $100. />http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y17...g/P1170310.jpg
me at 98756154.
Note: 1 or 2 crabs may have broken leg.
WTS:Yu Gi Oh cards
hi there, im selling all
my yu gi oh cards if interested pls pm me
u can view the image in
my profile -> contact info -> homepage
i can't post links
soo here are the card numbers
there might be some errors b/c i
typed it all out
02403771 RGBT-JP042
04779091 PTDN-JP007 />05861892 PP03-KR019 1ST EDITION
06007213 CT93-EN005 />06021033 CSOC-JP043
06150044 PP01-KR007
09327502 PP-03-KR011 1ST EDITION
10485110 TP08-JP001
10875327 RGBT-JP019 />11613567 RGBT-JP013
13293158 DP

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