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Yet again another warning for no reason /> 
Dear Hardwarezone,
I don't understand why you
got to give me a warning for
something I didn't do. :mad: />All I did was just to renamed the thread and you send me a />warning.
I have wrote in complain as this is far too much for
me to tolerate.
Kindly reply back to me and I hope to hear from
you on why
the forum moderator is so strict.
Regards, />Max
Xonar Essense STX
Hi there, im facing
problems with my STX... the sounds goes high then low and theres this
constant buzzing sound and the sound become very soft. I took the card
out reseat it, change to a different power connector, change PCIE
slots same problem. I have also tested my speaker, headphone and
earphone all gives me the same problem...
This card was bought
last year in April can i bring down to get a 1 to 1 exchange?
Xigmatek Thor's Hammer
I would like to know
that is there any Xigmatek Thor's Hammer in the market that is LGA
1150 compatible or is there any mounting kit for the cooler to be LGA
1150 compatible? Thanks in advance.
Xigmatek Talon
hey bosses.. would like to
know if this particular case is coming to singapore anytime soon?
:s12::s12: />http://www.xigmatek.com/product.php?...85&type=review
Xigmatek Helios 232
I just got this last
saturday. I like to know is the case comes with speaker? Mine don't
have. So right now, my system don't have beep sound when boot
XIGMATEK Dark Knight problem
I bought a XIGMATEK Dark Knight II SD1283 Night Hawk
Edition CPU Cooler last July and due to Ban Leong needing to change
mobo for me as it was faulty, I had to take out the cooler. However,
when I took out the cooler, the rubber thingies holding the fans
broke. May I know if this is covered under warranty and if I can get
replacements for them?
Xigmatek Dark Knight Night Hawk
Hello, I
have a faulty fan from this package of Xigmatek Dark Knight Night
Hawk. May I know who do I PM for RMA?
Xigmatek Crossbow ACK I5361
Dear Sirs, />Can I check whether Xigmatek Crossbow ACK I5361 mounting kit is
still available?
Xigmatek crossbow ACK-I5361
hi, Corbell, is
it still possible to get this bracket?
Link - Xigmatek Crossbow
Have a Xigmatek 3-heatpipe Cooler from my old S939 and
found that it does not have the newer 1156 or 1155 bracket (obviously
:s13: ). Wish i could get a bracket and give this cooler some new
life on my 1156/1155 setup.
Thank you. :)
Xigmatek asguard 382 hdd rails
Hi, I have
the stated case but without the hdd rails to hold the hdds :( />Would like to know if you guys sell the rails individually that fits
this case??
Contacted xigmatek and they directed me to corbell

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