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Xigmatek Asgard Pro w/ window inquiry /> 
May I know what is the maximum size of CPU
cooler supported for this chassis?
Xigmatek Asgard front fan removal problem /> 
As above, i wanted to mount a 140mm fan but i am
only able to unscrew 1 out of the 4 screws, the others were 'dead'. />Please help.
Xigmatek Aquila
Hi ,
Will you guys be
bringing this in? />http://www.overclock.net/content/typ.../1000/flags/LL
Announces Aquila Micro-ATX Chassis | techPowerUp
Xigmatek Apache III CD 903/901
Does Corbell
carry this cooler? Or any SLS shop has this cooler?
Xigmatek Anti-Vibrating Rubber
Do you stock
Xigmatek's anti-vibrating rubber AFK-R5251 here in Singapore?
Xigmatek Accessor Ultimate USB2.0 header not working /> 
Hi Corbell
I bought the Xigmatek Accessor
Ultimate 5.25" front bay USB3.0 card reader in June last year
(was the one who pestered u guys to bring this product in). However,
recently the USB2.0 ports on the front panel started not to work. I
tried reconnecting the USB2.0 internal header to each of the 6 USB2.0
headers i have on my Asus P8Z77-V Pro, but still all 4 USB2.0 headers
cant work (i.e. cannot detect when i insert USB thumbdrives into these
4 USB2.0 ports). The other two USB3.0 ports and even the USB3.0 card
reader are working fine, only the USB2.0 ports are dead. Is there
xDSL KnowledgeBase
Table of Contents />1. DSL Technologies
1.1 ADSL
1.2 SDSL
1.3 SHDSL />1.4 VDSL
2. Type of Connections
2.1.2 PPPoA
2.1.3 PPPoE
2.2 VDSL2
2.2.2 xxx
3. Signal Level Guide
3.1 ADSL
4. Layers of Type of Connections
4.1 ADSL/ADSL2+ />4.2 VDSL2
5. CPE Vendor ID to Integrated Circuit Manufacturer
5.2 VDSL2
6. ATM Quality of
X3000 with singnet adsl
anyone managed to
get a stable connection with cisco X3000 with singnet?
I am
trying to get a stable connection with X3000 with singnet adsl
It will be good for a couple of days and then will
disconnect and reconnect.
I THINK if I use the aztech modem
provided, it does not happen so the line is clean and something wrong
with the X3000 config.
I called the singtel tech and they cannot
help. All they say is to use the Aztech but I can't as I need the
gigabit ethernet + wifi.
Anyone managed to get it working for
long period of time like 1 month?
Www.xyz.com/download/... Possible to know all files behind
As above. Let say there is 20 files. Is
it possible to find them using some tools?
WTS AZTECH 300Mbps WallPlugged WIFI Repeater WL559E300 /> 
Product: 9.5/10 (Maybe inside box got
dust, Used once around 3 hours)
Box: 9/10 (Only the price tag
got turn colour due to nicotine)
Bought from CyberActive for
Opennet guy noobscam me, say go buy this to increase WIFI
speed for my lappy inside room (Rounter/modem is placed main
doorstep). Too lazy to sell earlier, had kept inside cupboard till
recent spring cleaning.
1) YOU offer any price
2) State your
likely location 7-8pm any typical weekdays, or 3/1/14 today best />3) I happy, got drive past your area, call/text y

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