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I am totally new to java.
Could somebody help me to
convert the below java code to an executable file? (double click to
run in win 7)
var intInterval = 0
function importdata(){ />filename = "C:1.txt";
AmiBroker1 = new
ActiveXObject("Broker.Application" ); />AmiBroker1.Import( 0, filename, "custom.format" ); />AmiBroker1.RefreshAll();
It simply imports numerical
data from 1.txt into an application amibroker.
gives values in a particular sequence.
Also this import function
has to be in a loop of 60 seconds.
hello all,
Noob here trying to teach himself some JavaScript and
So have some Flash ActionScript3 experience, I had made
this a while back and was wondering how to translate it over into
JavaScript and jquery. I have started to try but I have no idea if Im
going about it right or not. Not to mention I am still learning the
syntax for these two new languages. Ill post the actionscript than
what I have in html, css, and what little I have of jquery. lo,l the
jquery is quite sad. also if you want I can email you the .swf file so
you can see what I am trying to accomplish. Thank you in advance for
any help that is sent in my direction.
Ive included two javascripts in one php file. But they dont run
together. If I remove the 2nd included file, then 1st one works
properly. If I keep both then only 2nd one runs. But I want to run
both files. Please guide me.
Hi everyone! I am writing my first serious batch processing
application. The task is to create a bill from online purchases. The
customers purchase data are stored in a database. I have to create an
XML file from this data every day and save it some where.
these are the steps that I think I should do:
- Get the data for
every unique customer from the database for the past day. If customer
has more than one purchase at the batching time, sum all the
- An XML file is created per each customer (The
difficult part?)
- Mark into the database those purchases that
are processed/billed (so that next day they are not processed
My quest
im trying to set a width dependant on screen sizes to a sliding tab on
my site, so it will work on mobile devices but am having some issues
with its width.
Im fairly certain the issue requires changing one
line in the .js (line 105 in tab_slide.js) from class="bbcode_container"> class="bbcode_description">Code:
class="bbcode_code">slide_params[opt.tab_slide_position] = calc_width
+ "%";to
class="bbcode_container"> class="bbcode_description">Code: class="bbcode_code">slide_params[opt.tab_slide_position] = - (the
value i want to set) ;ive added this to the CSS make it
expand furth
Dear all,
I want to know java script. so i can use them, also
have some fair knowldege on ajax and json. please suggest the
procedure to start.
Hi everyone)Currently i am learning HTML,CSS and Java script.As we
know we don,t need a web server to display html,css and java script on
our browsers.Below is the code embedded with a java script which i
wanted to display on my browser but it,s not showing the java script
which is about displaying the date and time.It just shows the header
called "Current Date and Time ".What,s the problem? Please
help me if you have a solution to this problem.
<?xml version=
I want to develop online repertory program with java
please suggest, which is indicated in below link please guide me, what
is the script, calculator i have to use for this purpose. />http://abchomeopathy.com/go.php />http://www.homeoint.org:8180/kent/se...ation?calc=deg />http://www.elixirs.com/remedy.htm#list
please guide me, thanks
in advance.
Dr.Devendra Kumar Munta MD(Homeo)
I am new to web development and I am trying to get the Patient Id
(patid) from the selected name from the list. Can this be done like
this? out.println("<select name="patientName"
If not, can you make a suggestion to how I would do
<% try {

residents = service.getPatientList(loginInfo.getUserid()); /> String selectedPatient =
int index =
//<select onchange="location =
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