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My problem is that I have the code both PHP and Java but
dosent work, it seen that the java part do not run went I fill a field
of the form and dosent call the PHP part of the code to run. />Please need help on this....
Both code are from developphp.com
and the author is Adam Koury..
Hi I need help undestanding this PHP issue...
I uploaded a
signup page with java and php validation... but when I run it it put
me a blank page with one of the echo message that appear in one of the
PHP script....
The server Im using is Ipage.com
You can
see it here: http://www.samonlycrystal.com/myAcco...ile/signup.php />It suppose to show the form and validate every field by java and php
the send it to the database...
If I remove the PHP code the page
show the form.
Curious to know if anyone thinks this is possible or would know where
to research the information needed to accomplish something like this,

If I have three separate programs running on a computer. All
three programs are meant for adding data too. Like Excel in fact Excel
is one of them.
Is it possible to write a program in Java that
would allow you to post all the data in it and then once submitted
would automatically deliver the information to the sections of the
other three programs running on the computer?
I want to go to a new window from a form, but I dont see how to
position the JS so the parameters are passed.
This doesnt
action=javascript:opWin("http://test.com")> /><input type=hidden etc.></form>
How can I pass the
<form> parameters?
What is deference between Java script and Ajax ?
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by Site Administrator so it doesnt look like youre spamming us. Please
dont post them again.**
Hi Everyone,
I am writing because I need some help. I got a
membership at www.pogo.com and since about a month ago, I have not
been able to see or play any of the games. I have used that site quite
often, but now it is no loading. I cleared my cache and I made sure
that my Java was updated and enabled. i have tried and tried to find a
solution, but i lost. I have included a link so you can see the images
from what the errors says. Any help would be appreciated. I just want
to be able to go to different websites and use them. I have a Windows
7 laptop. Thanks so much.
Here is the link:
I posted a
I am working on a site and the text headers are not lining up evenly
because a few of the headers have 2 lines of text and a few of the
headers have 1 line of text I am trying to figure out how to even the
headers out without using <BR> If you click on the link you will
want to go to the services header the first 2 uneven you will see is
Thanks in advance for the help!
Here is the site
Parallel Thread
Attempting to get my first java web app up. />Im confused a about selecting to start a "Dynamic Web
Im incredibly new to this ide and java all
together. Is this what its talking about />http://i.imgur.com/JYZti8v.png
Hi All,
Im new here so I hope I dont break any rules out the gate
but Im having a hard time with some Javascript for my website and I
figured I should ask some experts at this point. Im NOT a coder, just
an artist with a little web design experience trying to make something
work in Dreamweaver so here it is:
I want to make a gallery page
for my paintings on my website where there is a main image which fades
in/out of a series of images which are also present as thumbnails (so
simple slideshow for this part). Ideally this image would load
randomly each page refresh (this bit is less important). And FINALLY,
I need something where if the viewer clicks on the enlar
Hi there!
Im the MD of a startup software development company and
need a developer to join us to add a user registration & login
portal to the system that we are currently building.
Its running
on Ubuntu Linux, written in Java & HTML 5 and will need a SQL
database added in order to handle the users. If you have any other
ideas, I would be really eager to hear them too!
This will be a
temporary, part time position to begin with and there will be the
opportunity to continue working on the project.
It does not
matter where you are as we work via Skype & email. I would like
this feature to be in place asap, so please get in

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