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I need help because my progrm cannot compile and it shows package does
not exist error
Hi all,
Ive got two questions :
I use this script, send
"word" for receive "answer" :
class="bbcode_container"> class="bbcode_description">Code:
class="bbcode_code"><form name="form1"
type="submit" value="send"></form> /> 
<script type="text/javascript"> />        function validateForm() {
      var x = document.forms["form1&q
Hello all,
I have this calculation form where the customers can
make an calculation
I would like to have the in and output fields
changed to the table as shown below
Can anyone have a look and
tell me what to change in the script to display the outcome from the
calculation in the table form.
thanks a lot
<head> /><title>app__nl</title>
form = document.form1;
//Waarden om mee te
RV53bMX = 520;
RV53bMY = 374;
hi folks
am using java scripts in my web development
others and in particular:
jquery.nivo.slider.pack.js />js/scroll.js
but if I am offline, so unplugged from being
online, i cant evaluate my site at all.
so the functions
supported by java dont work offline, no site scrolling, no slider, />including even no pictures loaded in the slider are shown if I am
is there any script to be implemented in addition to
make the site working in offline modus too?
or is there a special
runtime needed for offline development?
or anythin
Hi people,
Im new to JS and but I really need to help with
I have a scrolling marquee on my page.
What I want to
do is to be able to stop and start the scrolling of the marquee by the
use of a button on the page.
I know I can do this already be
using onMouseOver effect like this:
class="bbcode_container"> class="bbcode_description">Code:
class="bbcode_code"><marquee onMouseOver="this.stop();"
onMouseOut="this.start();" behavior="scroll"
direction="up" scrollamount="2"><p>Some
Text</p><p>Some Text</p><p&g
I am seeking an experienced Web Developer well versed in AS3 and
Javascript for a very exciting role with great salary, bonus, benefits
and career prospects.
We are bwin.party digital entertainment
plc, the world
I need to create UML class diagram online and to generate
Java code from it.
Drawing tools such as cacoo dont allow to
generate code as they are not real UML modelers.
Does anybody
know an UML online tool that generates Java code?
Thanks for your
As title, how to use the java script for the button in jquery
Hi guys,
Ive recently started using Java for my web project -
this is why http://pawelduda.net/2013/06/18/6-re...sidering-java/ />Could you give me some feedback about the blog post and blog in
Do you have any experiences using Java for web
Hi I am learning Javascript online and I have been set a task: User
inputs cm into a text field and js returns result in cm with fractions
eg 65.5 cm = 25 4/5 inches. I have worked out how to convert cm to
inches and separately have
found a code snippet for converting
decimals to fractions which I have changed slightly to suit my needs.
scripts work independent of each other, but when i combine
them something I am doing is wrong. Any hints on how
to combine
these scripts into one cm to inch with fractions converter? I really
want to try to figure out how to do
this myself, Im just a
little lost without a teacher to get timely feedback from. Please

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