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I Have been asked to analyze a website with suspicious
activity such as drive-by download malware.
The source code of
page is this:
30:1g:1g:1o:1i&fgmv=r&vvoujby=1i:31:32:1g:1n:1h:1l:1l:1n:31&kxt=1f:1d:1f:1d:1f:1d:1f"></iframe> />I cant understand the value of attribute that be sended to q.php
through get method />vywnynlp=30:1g:1g:1o:1i&fgmv=r&vvoujby=1i:31:32:1g:1n:1h:1l:1l:1n:31&kxt=1f:1d:1f:1d:1f:1d:1f />i think unknown code that consider as value is some obfuscating
javascript code.
I am trying to great a simplified version of a virtual tour with an
interactive floor plan. Currently Im using a jpg with slices saved
over top of it that I created in photoshop, linking each slice to an
html file that loads my applet in a new window. I want to eliminate
the new window and just have the applet on the same page as my
floorplan, and the image in the applet would change when a new slice
is selected instead of opening up the whole html file with the applet.
I need to know if this is possible or if I am going about it the
totally wrong way and need to start from square one.
Any help
would be appreciated,
Hello Gusy,
<script> var id=`$`php; </script> i have
add php variable store as JavaScript. but some thing wrong in my code.
what wrong with there please help me .
I am currently working on a 360x180 image collection project for my
employeer, we are in need of an imageviewer applet linked to a map or
some kind of api that can display the image location within a building
at a corresponding point in one view and display the image in the
other. This website-
http://www.virtualpix.co.uk/webservi...oundfloor.html has a javascipt
window very similar to what i am trying to accomplish for my boss
without involving a programmer. Any help would be welcome and
I am currently working on a project for my employeer that involves
collecting 360x180 imagery of hallways, classrooms, offices, labs etc.
for emergency and first responder use. We are working with IPIX which
provides an applet to view the images and links online. I am trying to
link this view to a ESRI java api or some kind of "map" or
"floorplan" that would allow you to select a point on a map
and the corresponding image would be displayed in the ipix applet. I
am new to java coding and have been intrusted with working out the
solution for this without involving a programmer to save time and
money. This website that i have provided the link to
<title> Assignment 5</title> /><h2><head>Convert from Decimal to Binary or
name="deci"> /><fieldset><legend>Conversions</legend> /><label><b>Decimal Number:
</b></label><input type="text"
value="16">hexadecimal</option> /></select></br>
<input type="submit" v
Dear All, can you pls help. I have the below code on my SharePoint
2007. My problem is that if I place this code above a SharePoint list
does not calculate, if I put this under the list it calculates. Can
you pls let me know how I could display the table above the list that
would calculate the number of "On track" items. />=====

var x =
document.getElementsByTagName("TD") // find all of the TDs

var Ont=0;

var i=0;

i got little problem. can you give me suggestion.
Below are several lines of code extracted from examples found in the
web site "w3Schools.com". All are VB script based. I am
using Java script. (I note that "Response.Write" appears
with a "W", not "w" as needed for JS. I presume
that this is VB specific.)
Are there anologous function names in
JS language that work in server side CLASSIC ASP? I do not have
ASP.NET capability.
Set FS =
RS = FS.OpenTextFile(Server.MapPath("Assets") +
(fs.FileExists("c:winntcursors3dgarro.cur"))=true Then />Respon
I have a form in html that sends the name and email of the user to the
database and then redirects the user to the download book page.
need to make this with java/jquery/ajax so the form appears at the top
of the book page with transparency and when the user register, the
form disapears and the page behind is active and able to make
;) is this possible?

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