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Hello all,
I am a newbie here and actually a rather young web
devoloper and have quite possible a very dumb question. I am designing
a website that will be viewed primarily in very poor, developing
nations (such as Colombia) and the poorest neighborhoods in those
countries. I made a site years ago with flash (when I knew nothing)
Only to find out that most browsers of those intended viewers were too
outdated and didnt usually have flash installed so they couldnt see
the site.
Is there any such concern with Using Javascript? I
know it wont be as big an issue but is it an issue at all? I will be
using Wordpress themes (like: http://boostdevelopers.com/inspire/4c
When using Java Scrip as the scripting language, is there a string
"search" function that can be used inside <% %>? />(All that I can find in the literature are examples using the
default VB language).
EXAMPLE (which does not work)
<% /> var STR = "Hello there";
var N = search(STR,
Also, there must be whole host of
related string functions. Where can I read about them?
Hi, I am new to CSS in some ways and old to is in others. However I am
redoing my site so that it is a Responsive design. I have played
around with % and Ems but it am not having any luck. Pretty much I
want to font to change depending on the screen size. Max-Width: 1200px
Min-Width: 300px. However no matter how I play with the fonts and div
tags the font is not adjusting to the screen sizes any ideas or
suggestions on how to do this. I think maybe you have to incorporate
Java Script (No clue on that) Any suggestions or hits are much
appreciated. (The code below is like the 5th or 6th time playing
around with it so it may be all messed up by now lol! Cool I attached
a photo of what I am sor
I am designing my webpage: www.wxextreme.net and I have
run into an issue with my navigation bar. I have a Java Applet on my
Warnings page http://www.wxextreme.net/Warnings.html and my css built
navigation bar appears (when hovered over) appears underneath the
Applet. I have tried the z-index, but to no avail. I have used
values of z-index:1, z-index:99, z-index:1000, and I got fed up and
tried z-index:100000000000. None of these worked to bring the css in
front of the Applet. I thought of changing the applet parameter to
object.style.zIndex="-1" within the APPLET CODE declaration.
I figured if I set this to -1 and had the css at a positive number it
In an ASP file, can Java Script code lines appear within a <% %>
block? I can only find VB examples. Testing attemps to use Java
Script there kill the application, resulting in a server error
If permitted, how can writing to a page be accomplished?
Hello good folks!
I am taking up a small-scale freelance project
and need some help from experienced developers.
My background: I
have decent experience with Core Java in the past but have been
working in C++ for the last 2 years. I have received training in some
Java EE concepts/frameworks like struts, servlets etc. My knowledge of
available technologies is severely limited, but fundamental
programming ability is high.
The project: I am building an ERP
system from the ground up for a 30 person organization in the trading
sector. The system will be built module (like CRM, inventory
management etc) by module, and will be quite simple in terms of
is it possible to create a solution that allows a user to read and
write an excel file in java / and or IE? I have heard of jexcel, I
need help with this, thx
Hello My name is Cieron Powell and I am the CEO/Founding Director of
PerfCompUK, I am looking for a Developer who is familiar with
Java/Javascript and HTML/CSS (HTML/CSS wont I dont think be that
important). The position will be voluntary and NO money will be
offered however full credit will go to you and any future updates
after the initial release (excluding first week bug fixes) will be
paid for. If you would like to help me out or want to know more about
what we are doing feel free to contact me at cieorn@hotmail.co.uk. I
apologize for not being to release any more information at this point
due to the nature of the job however any applicants or enquirers will
be fully answered to the bes
I have a jsp page. In this, the body tag has onLoad
method. this is all ready existing one and this onload is calling from
abc.js .
if i want to add another onload function in same body
tag and we have to call second onload from another javascript file.
for this what i have to do?
please help out me?
code: <body onload=javascript:"function1();return
the above code is already
existing code. i want to call another function2() from above body tag.
for that what i have to do?
fuction1() implemented in abc.js />function2() imp
Hello All,
I have made the following form. But i want to be able
to validate the email address so that it must have a @ and not include
/ " etc
Any ideas?
class="bbcode_code"><script type="text/javascript"> /> function CheckForm() {
  if (tbName == ) { />  alert(Name is required.);
  return false; />  }
  tbaddress=document.forms[0].address1.value; />  if (tbaddress == ) {

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