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Hi, Id like to fire a javascript event at the end of a users
My question is two part:
1. How? :)
2. More
importantly for me right now, how does this work? If this is a
client-side event and the client is no longer there (i.e. they close
their browser), how does the event get triggered?
Thank You
]Help please, is that I want to load several different sliders within
a div with ajax but the sliders need javascript code and does not run
the show. Here you have an example of what happens to me and ajax
code. Im desperate to see if anyone helps me out, thanks. Sorry for my
english, Im from Spain.
Example: />https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/...74/ejemplo.rar
function nuevoAjax(){ />    var xmlhttp=false;
    try { />    xmlhttp = n
I want to read excel file after i upload file from <input
type="file"> without submit. I found it in other forum,
but they only read excel file when they have url of file, however the
browers dont support full of url of anyfile. Please help me solve this
problem. thanks all !
Hi i have found this nice javascript puzzle game
class="bbcode_container"> class="bbcode_description">Code:
class="bbcode_code"><!doctype html>
<html> /><head>
 <title>Sliding Puzzle</title> /> <style type="text/css">
  border: 1px solid black;
body{ />width:100%;
padding:0; />overflow:hidden;
/* Disable tap overlay color on links - set
alpha to %0 = invisible */
-webkit-tap-highlight-color: rgba(0,
0, 0, 0);
font-family: san
Hey guys its my first post ...
So i have a suggestion box for
countries and i need to get the countries from SQL database..
only shows the last one ...
class="bbcode_description">PHP Code:
class="bbcode_code"><?php /> mysql_connect("", "root", "---") or die(mysql_error());  /> mysql_select_db("xxx") or die(mysql_error());  /> $data = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM countries")  /> or die(mysql_error());   /> while($info = mysql_fetch_array( $data, MYSQL_ASSOC))&n
A friend and I are making a website for a high-school project that we
could hopefully use in the future. Its a digital portfolio for our
illustration and concept art. We had an idea to do this for our
website, but we have no idea how. We have basic knowledge of HTML
& CSS, but havent learned Java, so we have no idea how complicated
it is to do this.
Basically, I want there to be a frame, 500 x
500, for example. Therere are two buttons. One of the buttons when
clicked, will have content that you can scroll through fly into the
frame from the right. The other button will do the same, but fly in
from the left. If it helps at all, the content is going to be our art
pieces, so
I have multiple textfiles . These multiple files will be uploaded on
the browser .
I would read each of the textfiles and store the
data in multiple .js file(one js for each textfile) .
So far I
am able to follow some examples and I know how to read,write and parse
textfiles. but I am not in position to handle many js files.

What I need to do is to write a html program with some js code to read
all these js and execute them . Can anyone please provide some
assistance. thanks.
Hello people
I am trying to do a button count that is very much
like this:
Im looking it to be in
JavaScript only and not JQuery. No html either. Just 100% JavaScript.
The idea is to limit the amount of clicks so that it wont go over 6
nor under 0. I have 6 images connected to a button and for each click
I want the image to move to the next one. When I reach the last image
the button can continue to be clicked which pushes them further away.
So I want it to be limited to 6 as the max and then disable that
button when it reaches the maxed number of clicks.
It would be
click the right button once, and it leaves 5 mo
Hi all, we are looking for a Javascript front-end (UI) superstar to
join a very exciting global SaaS vendor.
Their Dev team are
based in York, and ideally we are looking for people from that area or
the UK, but will entertain applications from very talented Javascript
people further afield.
If you are experienced in client-side
controls for stuff like charting, grids, drag & drop, wiring up
etc then please do get in touch: />http://www.thepeoplefoundry.com/jobs...eveloper-york/
In our web application we have a requirement to kick off a
job & display progress in a modeless status page so user can
continue to work while the status page will display progress /
updates. We

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