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Help please, loading javascript into a div with ajax
by liganic in Javascript
]Help please, is that I want to load several different sliders within a div with ajax but the sliders need javascript code and does not run the show. Here you have an example of what happens to me and ajax code. Im desperate to see if anyone helps me out, thanks. Sorry for my english, Im from Spain.
Code ajax:

jQuery Read Excel in client by javascript or jquery
by DOOR3 James in Javascript
I want to read excel file after i upload file from <input type="file"> without submit. I found it in other forum, but they only read excel file when they have url of file, however the browers dont support full of url of anyfile. Please help me solve this problem. thanks all !

Little help to this javascript
by zokudu in Javascript
Hi i have found this nice javascript puzzle game
<!doctype html>
 <title>Sliding Puzzle</title>
 <style type="text/css">
 .picture {
  border: 1px solid black;

Other Import PHP in JAVASCRIPT and SQL
by Glenntoy in Javascript
Hey guys its my first post ...
So i have a suggestion box for countries and i need to get the countries from SQL database..
It only shows the last one ...
PHP Code:
 mysql_connect("", "root", "---") or die(mysql_error()); 

Revealing content using JavaScript [Help]
by Jimzz in Javascript
A friend and I are making a website for a high-school project that we could hopefully use in the future. Its a digital portfolio for our illustration and concept art. We had an idea to do this for our website, but we have no idea how. We have basic knowledge of HTML & CSS, but havent learned Java, so we have no idea how complicated it is to do this.
Basically, I want there to be a frame,

multiple textfile parsing in javascript
by Colin Henry in Javascript
I have multiple textfiles . These multiple files will be uploaded on the browser .
I would read each of the textfiles and store the data in multiple .js file(one js for each textfile) .
So far I am able to follow some examples and I know how to read,write and parse textfiles. but I am not in position to handle many js files.
What I need to do is to write a html program with some j

Other Help with Javascript button count
by tobybot in Javascript
Hello people
I am trying to do a button count that is very much like this:
Im looking it to be in JavaScript only and not JQuery. No html either. Just 100% JavaScript. The idea is to limit the amount of clicks so that it wont go over 6 nor under 0. I have 6 images connected to a button and for each click I want the image to move to the next one. When I rea

Job: Javascript Front-End Developer - York, UK
by sorcerermerlin in Javascript
Hi all, we are looking for a Javascript front-end (UI) superstar to join a very exciting global SaaS vendor.
Their Dev team are based in York, and ideally we are looking for people from that area or the UK, but will entertain applications from very talented Javascript people further afield.
If you are experienced in client-side controls for stuff like charting, grids, drag & drop,

using javascript function window.focus() to bring the window to the front
by j0sh4tran in Javascript
In our web application we have a requirement to kick off a job & display progress in a modeless status page so user can continue to work while the status page will display progress / updates. We

capture functions in Javascript
by JSebok in Javascript
Hello, I wanted to know whether there is a way for me to capture functions that have been defined in a Javascript file.
It is for testing purposes. I am actually creating a web page where the user would be asked to upload a javascript file and then the list of functions would appear in a drop down list or something for the user to select upon which function he/she wants to perform the test.
[RESOLVED] Do JavaScript project to improve my skills.
by Lepton87 in Javascript
I want to JavaScript project(including html, css) to improve my skills. What is the best way?
I have the book "Professional JavaScript for Web Developers". And I am currently do problems at http://projecteuler.net/.However it primarily focus on the algorithm and math skills.
My final goal is that I can write a chrome extension in the future. My near target to master D

🔴► javascript PayPal minicart problem - Please Help
by Braxos in Javascript
Hey guys I have a js mini cart on my website so when you click paypal "buy now" button, minicart opens up a window showing you what you have in your cart.
this is the minicart im using: http://minicartjs.com/
Problem I have is: "items_name" text in paypal button code is too long and font too big that it makes it hard to read the item_name when the mini cart is open.
New to JavaScript and coding Im stuck stuck
by greggerz in Javascript
hey Im working on a temperature converter done in javascript. the program lets you enter a value then there are 2 buttons one for "f to c" one for "c to f" I cant figure out how to use both buttons and the functions ive created. I can get one to work but not both. here is my code:
<!doctype html>
#result { c

Run javascript depending on the device
by Jesse McDowell in Javascript
Hi, Im new to the forum and I would like to know if there is any way to get a javascript code to run depending on whether the web page is loading on a computer or on a mobile.
Thank you very much.

Run javascript depending on the device :-
by wpoch in Javascript
Hola, soy nuevo en el foro y me gustaria saber si hay alguna forma de conseguir que un codigo javascript se ejecute dependiendo de si la pagina web se esta cargando en un ordenador o en un movil.
Muchas gracias.

need help to click link in the table with javascript
by Pradeep Gowda in Javascript
Hello Everybody,
This is my first post and I know very little in javascript.
here is my question
i have table like below with many rows.
<td><a href="some link"></td>

Simple site aplication example needed in Javascript
by Erenhardt in Javascript
Hello guys!
Thanks for taking the time on reading this.
Let me explain to you what I need.
Im really new at programming javascriot (I started lessons only a few days ago with a site calles Codeacademy). I want to make a simple site with an application but Im getting really frustrated on it.
What i need is the following: I need an application that allows the user to select f

Writing a JavaScript program for the Pythagorean theorem
by Matthew in Javascript
Hi all, Im a beginner working on a script for the Pythagorean theorem using JavaScript. This assignment requires me to create a functional code that when the button "Compute C!" is clicked, it will display the values of the Triangle within the HTML.
Two things Im struggling with at the moment:
1. Getting the code to even display on the page (when I click it, somehow nothing ha

Trying to create a table from a string in JavaScript
by 007ELmO in Javascript
I was given a variable and need to put the data into a table. For some reason, when I create the table, instead of inserting each word into a different cell, it is inserting each letter into a different cell. Anyone know what I am doing wrong?
function writeTable(){

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