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capture functions in Javascript
Hello, I wanted to know whether there is a way for me to capture functions that have been defined in a Javascript file.
It is for testing purposes. I am actually creating a web page where the user would be asked to upload a javascript file and then the list of functions would appear in a drop down list or something for the user to select upon which function he/she wants to perform the test.
[RESOLVED] Do JavaScript project to improve my skills.
I want to JavaScript project(including html, css) to improve my skills. What is the best way?
I have the book "Professional JavaScript for Web Developers". And I am currently do problems at http://projecteuler.net/.However it primarily focus on the algorithm and math skills.
My final goal is that I can write a chrome extension in the future. My near target to master D

🔴► javascript PayPal minicart problem - Please Help
Hey guys I have a js mini cart on my website so when you click paypal "buy now" button, minicart opens up a window showing you what you have in your cart.
this is the minicart im using: http://minicartjs.com/
Problem I have is: "items_name" text in paypal button code is too long and font too big that it makes it hard to read the item_name when the mini cart is open.
New to JavaScript and coding Im stuck stuck
hey Im working on a temperature converter done in javascript. the program lets you enter a value then there are 2 buttons one for "f to c" one for "c to f" I cant figure out how to use both buttons and the functions ive created. I can get one to work but not both. here is my code:
<!doctype html>
#result { c

Run javascript depending on the device
Hi, Im new to the forum and I would like to know if there is any way to get a javascript code to run depending on whether the web page is loading on a computer or on a mobile.
Thank you very much.

Run javascript depending on the device :-
Hola, soy nuevo en el foro y me gustaria saber si hay alguna forma de conseguir que un codigo javascript se ejecute dependiendo de si la pagina web se esta cargando en un ordenador o en un movil.
Muchas gracias.

need help to click link in the table with javascript
Hello Everybody,
This is my first post and I know very little in javascript.
here is my question
i have table like below with many rows.
<td><a href="some link"></td>

Simple site aplication example needed in Javascript
Hello guys!
Thanks for taking the time on reading this.
Let me explain to you what I need.
Im really new at programming javascriot (I started lessons only a few days ago with a site calles Codeacademy). I want to make a simple site with an application but Im getting really frustrated on it.
What i need is the following: I need an application that allows the user to select f

Writing a JavaScript program for the Pythagorean theorem
Hi all, Im a beginner working on a script for the Pythagorean theorem using JavaScript. This assignment requires me to create a functional code that when the button "Compute C!" is clicked, it will display the values of the Triangle within the HTML.
Two things Im struggling with at the moment:
1. Getting the code to even display on the page (when I click it, somehow nothing ha

Trying to create a table from a string in JavaScript
I was given a variable and need to put the data into a table. For some reason, when I create the table, instead of inserting each word into a different cell, it is inserting each letter into a different cell. Anyone know what I am doing wrong?
function writeTable(){

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