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I have been working on a quicksearch module for one of my clients. I
used javascript arrays to create and fill my formfields. Everything
works the way it should, BUT: I need my form values to be different
from my form labels. I need the user to see a name like
"campingx", but I need the form value to be an id like
"1234" so that id can communicate with the bookingmodule of
this website. I hope someone can help me out here, Ive been trying to
figure this out for days now..
Heres my javascript
var landcampings = new Array();
// variabel
hello, i have a lot of problems detecting active extensions on browser
and i was spending a lot of time to search on google to find solution
and i found 2 solutions:
first solution
class="bbcode_container"> class="bbcode_description">Code:
detect = function(base, if_installed, if_not_installed) {
  var s = document.createElement(script);
s.onerror = if_not_installed;
    s.onload =
    document.body.appendChild(s); />    s.src = base;
var log
= functio
The javascript file is linked to my main index page. I noticed I
cannot execute any javascript in a file when it is loaded with jquery
into a div to the index page unless I write the code on the actual
file. I want to be able to just use the javascript file link without
adding the actual javascript into the jquery loaded file.
Hello, I am very bored so I made this account on webdeveloper.com />So I am a 14 years old portuguese guy, and I love webdevelopment. />I made a website www.memopad.cc like some months ago cause I was
really bored.
It is a memo-pad. Where you can create your memos,
change color, write on them.. put password, and change the URL
Idk.. maybe you could see it and tell me
what you think.
And if you have skype add me please I need
projects cause I am veryyyyyyyyyyy bored
Skype: afonso1003
i tried to make a table column using JavaScript with calculation
logic. i need to integrate with .js file only. if i entered value in
quantity column that should be calculate with MRC and NRC and need to
show it up on the corresponding total column. finally want overall
total in below.
Guide me how can i create in JavaScript file ? />Greetings ! />http://www.coderanch.com/t/627076/a/...een%20shot.jpg
Have a script up that reloads/refreshes the page, however, it doesnt
count the instance when we view the metrics and would like to know
why. The following code below is whats being used. Am I missing
something or adding something that shouldnt be there?
s.server="Server Name" />s.channel="Channel"
s.eVar21="3rd Party"; />s.hier1="Page 1 Page"
s.hier2="1 Page" />s.hier4="1 Page"
s.eVar20="Name"; />/************* DO NOT ALTER ANYT
Figured Id try to seed this new forum with a little activity. :)
Because of the high traffic in the JavaScripts forum, weve split it
into two areas. This is a new forum specific for JavaScript framework
questions. You can post your JScript, Prototype, and other framework
questions here. Youll need to select a prefix when posting to identify
which framework you are using. When a lot of questions get asked about
a framework, well add it to the prefix selection. Prior to that, just
select. "other".
Brad! Jones
HI All,
Can any one tell me how to do Localization of Date
depending on user locale using javascript.
I tried with
date.toLocaleString("fr-FR") it is workign fine.But problem
here isnot all the browser supports this API.Only few browser supports
this API
Can anyone help me how to localize the date for a given
user locale.
Thanks in advance
How to Send sms to a different mobile numbers using javascript.

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