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Novice javascript seeking help !
HI, Im very new to Javascript and i was wondering if anybody could please help me with this code. Im not sure what to do:
question: Use object-oriented JavaScript to model a public library with three classes: library, shelf, and book. The library should be aware of a number of shelves. Each shelf should know what books it contains. Make the book object have "enshelf" and "unsh

help using a javascript fuction to hide email in a form
Hey Guys, I know this is probably laughingly simple, but its been a while. I have a form that will be used to send me email on a website. I think this is pretty typical stuff, so Ill just include some details. Within the form is a submit button, along with a "hidden" form fields contains the email...
<br> <input type="hidden" name="sendtoemail" value=&qu

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Validating 8 form fields with Javascript
Hi all,
I know this has probably been covered before ...
I need to validate 8 seperate inputs in an HTML form using JS. I think I have got my regular expressions sorted I just need to bolt them to getElementById function. This is where I am having a brain freeze. Can anyone help me out, the first thing to validate is a 5 digit number between 0 and 99999 and not 00000

[RESOLVED] Inserting data into table rows using JavaScript.
Hello, beginner/intermediate JavaScript learner here. This is my first programming language.
I am messing around with inserting data into table rows and columns. I am studying JavaScript using lynda.com.
Im trying to set up a table with five columns. The table will show the width, height, area, and perimeter of each rectangle. I am trying to do this using an event handler function I copy

Get JSON value with Javascript
Hi All,
I get the following value, when doing an xPath expression:
var xmlString = {!xml}
var xpathExpr = "//code/text()";
var res = evalXpath(xmlString, xpathExpr);
for (var k=0; k<res.length; k++)
The evalXpath is a built

jQuery javascript keep sub navigation bar open on hover
I created a fiddle
Now the sub navigation bar is closing on mouse leave event.
But if I hover on sub link bar then also sub link bar closes.
So what changes should I make in my code for that?
code is
$(document).ready(function(){    &nbs

Validation in Javascript
Hello, i am new for this developer forum ,i have a problem for my program,i am a begginer for website developement ,so i have faced many problems ,my Q.is i have a design a website to login system ...so my problem is form validation
.plz help me my validation program...to my login system

Div Width Setting Function Dependant On Client Screen Width JavaScript
I am somewhat of a beginner/ amateur JavaScript developer and have created this function by myself which onload should calculate the client screen dimensions and adjust the width of the div(banner) accordingly leaving only 5px marginleft and 5px from the right edge of the screen. As default, I have set the div width as 1177px but this should change dynamically onload.
Markup below:

AJAX JavaScript functions not getting called on a divs innerhtml
Dear All,
Presently I am working on ajax and JavaScript and having a problem. Due to which I am unable to progress in my work.
I am not able to call the JavaScript functions at the innerhtml of a div which I am getting from xhrs response test.
In index.jsp at line 94 at divId.innerHTML=val; , I am putting the editform16.jsp. But no javascript functions of editform16.jsp are workin

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