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two objects have the same id javascript
i learn this the hard way and i know now haveing two objects by the same name is bad.
has you can see from my code
HTP.P(<td class="reqlabel1">Sales Center:</td>);
HTP.P(<td class="tablelabel">);

[RESOLVED] Redirect and alert using JavaScript
I am using send.php to which the form is transmitted and send to the specified mail address.
After sending the mail, the php file triggers the JS code included in this PHP filem which alerts the user that mail was sent and also using Javascript redirect the user to home page.
The code is here:

Get <div> of another web-page using javascript
I want to pull the div "zone2" in http://www.gct.ac.in/results to my blogspot page using javascript or any other alternative. Is there any way way I can do it or is it possible at all? :confused:

[Headache] JavaScript - CSS for each browser ::.
Im really getting pretty frustrated now, Ive made a site whos almost ready, ready on Chrome.
But of course there is need to be a pain in the ass, called: Microsoft Internet Explorer!
How can I make my site look good on each browser?
I tried:
[if IE]
[end if IE]
Can anyone recommend a responsive nav menu javascript/jquery library? ::.
Im trying to find a good javascript/jquery responsive navigation menu script to integrate into a standard html5 website. Im struggling to find one that fulfills all my requirements, which are:
Free Horizontal layout with drop-down sub-menus in desktop width Ideally a vertical concertina in mobile width Touch-friendly - i.e. will show an expand/contract icon on touch screen device

Videoconference JavaScript API ::.
Some friends and I have been working on a JavaScript API for several months which let you embed videoconference in your own website (up to 10 webcams at a time). In addition to videoconference, we have also created a space that we have called Magic Board because it lets you share video, images, documents and keynotes in real-time, synchronized with all those users who are connected.

Help for frames in Javascript ::.
i m trying to have 2 frames in a page in javascript...
one frame should include the radio buttons... on click of any 1 of these radio buttons the corresponding result should appear in or get displayed in the other frame...
how can i do this?? i am using dojo form radio buttons and navigations..
Pls help.. Thanks in Advance :)

Cannot disable listboxes using Javascript in Firefox when checkbox is checked ::.
I need to disable 2 listboxes using javascript when a checkbox is checked. The code below behaves properly in IE but the listboxes do not disable in Firefox and Chrome. When the checkbox, cb_SameAccess is checked, I need to prevent the user from being able to select a value from the listboxes, system and region. These listboxes are created using coldfusion code.
When the checkbox is checked,

Need help with javascript contact form. ::.
I have this .js contact form and I cant figure out where to put my mail and get feedback. Please have a look and thanks for the time.
<li id="pageContact">
<div class="box">
<div class="closePlane">

Refresh dropdown ( Select ) menu with javascript ::.
I have a drop down menu. In the SELECT , I have one item selected( "AAA"). I need the user to push a button on the web page to update the SELECT ( which should show CCC as being selected) in the drop down list. The value "3" is getting there,
however the problem is the SELECT is not getting refreshed to show the user "CCC" is currently selected.
I do NOT wa

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