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Legal documents encompass many types of paperwork, including
contracts, divorce papers, settlement agreements, affidavits and
petitions. Although non-lawyers who do not have a law license may not
prepare documents that provide legal advice, you may still draft legal
paperwork for personal use. If you are not familiar with the laws of
your jurisdiction, make sure that you research your state's statutes
before preparing any legal documents. If the documents do not meet
statutory requirements, the court may refuse to hear your
case.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Prepare and write legal
documents only when representing yourself. Although you may not use
legal documents to represent others if
Most bankruptcies are voluntary, but creditors may want to force a
debtor into bankruptcy so the creditor's interests are not ignored by
the debtor because some other creditor is pursuing collections more
aggressively or to prevent the debtor from disbursing his assets
without paying his creditors. Involuntary bankruptcies must be filed
as Chapter 7, which triggers liquidation, or Chapter 11, which allows
reorganization of large entities.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions
Find other creditors because bankruptcy is not designed to help the
collections efforts of a single creditor. To force an involuntary
bankruptcy, at least three creditors who are owed at least $10,775
collectively are requi
Scammers taking advantage of gullible consumers during an economic
downtown spurred the Federal Trade Commission to form a task force to
conduct a law enforcement sweep that commenced in July 2009. The FTC
has taken action against several consumer fraudsters, including those
who perpetrate government grant scams. About Government Grant
ScamsGovernment grant scams hook people in through various means, be
it through classified ads in a local paper or national publication, on
the Internet, or through direct cold-calls. "Free money" government
grants are inevitably scams, notes the FTC.
TricksGovernment grant scammers may use technology to make it appear
as through they're calling
You have been involved in a car accident. This is the first time. You
are in shock. You reach for your cell phone, wanting to call someone
for help, but don't know who to call. You don't know what to do. This
article walks you through what to do in the event you are in an
accident and what your rights are with the insurance companies. Get
the informationGather information. If the collision was more than $500
worth of damage to any one vehicle, the police should be called. A
police report will be written up, listing the parties involved, their
contact information and insurance information. The responsible driver
will likely get cited. The facts of how the collision occurred will
also be re
The Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005
made credit counseling mandatory for all consumer bankruptcy debtors.
By law, this counseling must come from a nonprofit provider approved
by the U.S. Trustee Program, an office of the Department of Justice.
For-profit businesses can register as providers of personal financial
management instruction. But, just because an organization is
not-for-profit doesn't mean it works for free or that it's employees
aren't paid.Difficulty:ChallengingInstructions Receive 501(c)(3)
status. To become approved to provide credit counseling, you must
create a business organization (not necessarily a corporation) and
apply for, and receive,
County Court judgments are made by County Courts in England and Wales.
The judgments are entered on the Register of County Court Judgments,
which can be checked by anyone to assess the credit-worthiness of
individuals and companies. Unpaid County Court judgments can be
enforced in a number of ways, such as placing a lien on the judgment
debtor's property, attaching earnings, or having the court appoint a
County Court Bailiff to collect the debt.Difficulty:Moderately
ChallengingInstructions Things You'll

How to Obtain a County
Court JudgmentDownload Claim Form N1 (the mandatory form) by going to
Her Majesty's Courts Service Web site, typing

A traffic accident (or incident) report is important to obtain, for
legal and insurance purposes, if you have been involved in a traffic
accident. The report details the circumstances of the accident, and
also includes the names of the persons involved (drivers and
passengers), the names of the vehicle owners, their insurance
companies, whether either or both drivers were cited for moving
violations, and the party at fault, in the judgment of the
investigating officer. Traffic accident reports are public records and
available through a simple procedure and a minor fee in all
jurisdictions.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Things You'll
Accident report request form, if necessary<
A Chapter 7 bankruptcy proceeding is always conducted under the
jurisdiction of a Court of Law. The processes for opening the
bankruptcy case, moving through the evaluation and liquidation, and
discharging the debt is carefully followed at every step under the
guidance of a Court-appointed Trustee. At the conclusion of the
proceeding, after the discharge of debt, the case is officially
closed. The closing is primarily an administrative function of the
Court, and it ties up all the loose ends of the Chapter 7 bankruptcy.
The simplicity of the closing is directly related to your case
type.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions No-Asset Case ClosingProvide
your Trustee with as much information as h
If you are falsely accused of abuse, neglect or other wrongdoing
within the context of a child custody case, you will need to use
concrete evidence and logical arguments to show that the claims are
false. Fighting false accusations may be costly, since you may need to
call in expert witnesses to evaluate the child and testify to the
findings during the custody hearing. Since it is difficult to appeal
the court's decision once the judge makes a custody ruling, plan your
case carefully and avoid rash behavior.Difficulty:Moderately
ChallengingInstructions Hire an attorney. If you are in danger of
losing your child due to false allegations, retain an attorney who
specializes in child custody.
Preventing computer crime is much easier than detecting it once it has
been committed. There are some basic steps that any manager or network
administrator can take in order to prevent the commission of cyber
crimes. None of these are foolproof, but they will help reduce the
chances of an organization being the victim of cyber
criminals.Difficulty:ChallengingInstructions Perform background
checks on all employees. The literature in this field strongly
suggests that most cyber crime is not done by hackers, but by
employees. Watch employees who have excellent computer skills closely
during their probationary period.
Watch disgruntled employees
carefully. They are always a risk for comput

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