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Plan out your questions, and be aware of some basic rules of evidence.
Always be polite when questioning witnesses.Difficulty:Moderately
ChallengingInstructions Think about what each witness knows that
would help the court in deciding custody. Use only witnesses that will
help your case.
Write down questions for the witness. Each question
should be designed to get some specific information. Go over the
questions with your witnesses.
Ask the court for assistance in
subpoenaing witnesses who may not want to come willingly. You will not
be able to go over the questions with these witnesses in
Understand the hearsay rule. A witness can testify only
about something he or she
Moat people are nervous when they tesify in court. Answer questions
completely, be honest and try to remain
calm.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Things You'll

Talk with your attorney before
the court date and find out what questions he will be asking as well
as what you can expect from the other attorney.
Rehearse your
testimony with your lawyer, but do not memorize lines or plan a
Dress appropriately for court.
Sit on the witness
stand when you are called. Swear the oath the judge asks you.
to the judge as Your Honor, the attorneys as Mr. or Ms., and do not
speak to the other parent directly.
Keep your hands in

If you believe your landlord has not met his or her obligations, has
breached your lease agreement, has discriminated against you or has
committed illegal violations, you may have grounds to sue your
landlord.Difficulty:Moderately ChallengingInstructions Things
You'll Need

Try to settle any disputes
with your landlord through negotiation or mediation before considering
legal action.
Consult local housing authorities or an attorney
about civil rights, fair housing laws and tenant rights in your state
if attempts to resolve disputes through negotiation or mediation are
Locate an attorney who is familiar with
landlord-tenant laws in you

If you've tried working out your problems through discussion and
mediation, hiring a lawyer may be your best option for settling
landlord-tenant disputes.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Things
You'll Need
Attorney Referral Services

Try to
settle any landlord-tenant disputes through mediation before
consulting a lawyer.
Locate a local lawyer who specializes in
landlord-tenant laws if mediation is unsuccessful. Consult your phone
directory, Internet listings, friends or family members.
Make an
appointment with a selected lawyer for an initial
Take your lease, rent receipts, correspondence,
photos and other pertinent rental documents with you

Before you make the costly decision of hiring an attorney to resolve a
dispute, consider using a mediator. Mediation is a less intimidating
alternative to filing a lawsuit. A mediator is a neutral third party
who helps the opposing sides reach an agreement or resolution without
going to court.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Things You'll
Yellow Pages

Stay calm - not the easiest
advice to follow when you're in the throes of a dispute, but having
your wits about you will help you choose someone who can really
Categorize your dispute. The law is broken down into many
different areas, and you want to find a mediator with the proper
experience: landlord/ten

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